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10 Sep 2012: Sayedee 3rd defense witness

Following the Azam case, the afternoon session started with the examination-in-chief of the third Defense Witness Nurul Haque Hawlader in the case of Sayedee [the previous witness is here]. The Defence: counsel Manjur Ahmed Ansari asked the questions.
Defence: What is your name?

Witness: Nurul Haque Hawlader.

Defence: What is your father’s name?

Witness: Late Alhaz Mokles Uddin Hawlader.

Defence: What is your mother name?

Witness: Eratun Bibi.

Defence: How old was she?

Witness: Sixty years.

Defence: What do you do?

Witness: I have a Banana Khamar and farm land where I used to work.

Defence: Why you have come to the tribunal today?

Witness: I have come here for to give true deposition in favor of Saydee.

Defence: Please tell us what you know

Witness: I have lived in my own house at Parer Hat port in 1969. From the very beginning of liberation war in 1971 the building of Fakir Das was the office for peace committee. It was one and a half kilometers away from our house. I have seen Sekander Sikder, Ganesh Molla, Haji Abdul Goni Gaji, Mafiz Uddin Maulovi, Hasmot Ali Munchi at that place, but not Mr Saydee.

In mid Jaistho (Bengali 11th month) or near the end of that month Razakar built another camp at Rajlokkhi High School in Parer hat. I have seen Razakar Abdul Alim, Razzak, Muhsin, Ruhul Amin, Bazrur Rashid, Habibur Rahman Mirza, Abdur Rashid, Masiur Rahman, Sultan, Isa Haque but not Saydee.

In 1971 near the end of Baishak (Bengali 1st month) Pakistan army came to Parer hat and looted four or five houses. They looted the shop of Makhon Saha, Modon Saha, Narayan Saha, Bijoy Master,Gourango. They had looted their goods after they went to Pirojpur. There were also present Sikander Sikder, Muslem Mawlana, Haji gaji Gani, hasmat ali, but not Sayedee.

I have heard noises out of my house the very next day. I saw them with Pakistan army. Most of them were same as the perople who were with the Pakistan Army at the previous day. When Pakistan army had crossed our house to the north side I followed them. They were going to Badura village over Parer Hat Bridge and I saw everything by hiding beside a shop which was near the bridge. I have seen that they entered to the house of Nuru Kha, who was an Awami league leader and after some time I also saw that the house was burnt abruptly. They were going to the south point. After half an hour I saw that the smoke was flying in the sky. Approximately within half an hour they have returned to the bridge again and went to Pirojpur.

Mahbub Hawlader is my close relative in Tengratila. He is my brother-in –law’s nephew and on the other side he is my cousin’s cousin. The house of my cousin and Mahbub Hawlader was side by side. I used to go there from my childhood. I have never heard that their houses were looted. I also heard that he filed a suit against Mr Saydee. I asked his elder brother Mr Baten about the Saydee’s case which was filed by Mr Mahbub. He said to me “if it happened then you must know about it at first. Pakistan army and Razakar never come to our house but also Tengrakhali village” Then I asked to my cousin Abdus Salam Hawlader about that, he said to me that now Mahbubul Alam Hawlader is 71 years old and during liberation war he was only ten or eleven years old only. During that time he read at primary school. Abdus Salam Hawlader also said that “Mahbub did it because of his great interest” Mahbubul Alam Hawlader has four or five bighas land in total. He got one and half bighas of land through distribution. He sold his father and wife’s property. He made two storied building after he had filed a suit against Sayedee. First stories were completed and second were going.

Mizanur Rahman Talukder is my cousin’s wife’s brother that means he is my biyai also. Our house is side by side. …. He was filed a suit against Sayedee before this tribunal because he said his brother Mandal Talukdar was being tortured by Razakar at Parer Hat camp. He also said that the looted property was stored in Mr Mizanur Rahman Talukder house. Then he returned that property to the real owner. I have never heard such type a speech in the last 40 years. I have close relation with him. He was the president of Togba Kamil Madrasha and I was the secretary for eight to nine years. Various times we discussed family matters to each other but never he said about the torture to me and never heard from another people in last froty years.

Gaurangha Saha filed a complaint that his sister was taken to the army camp and then raped. During that time Gaurangha was ten to eleven years old. All of his sister was younger to him and his immediate junior sister was six to seven years old. I have never heard the news of the rape in the last forty years at Parer Hat. The Hindu has converted into the Muslim during liberation war for the sake of life.

Tribunal Question: How did you know about that?

Witness: I have heard. After liberation they returned to their own faith.

Another complaint was filed that Vanu Saha daughter of Bipod Saha was raped by Sayedee, I think this is also false. Moslem Maulana regularly lived in Bipod’s house but a rumor was published that Moslem Maulana married to Vanu. Saydee was not treacherous or Razakar or insurgent. He is a faultless man. He has participated in election for three times but not against party said anything that he was a Razakar. If Sayedee did any work it must presented before election by opposition party.

Defence: Where was Saydee in 1971?

Witness: He was at Satkhira before 1971 but in the month of Ashar ,Srabon (Bengali month) of that year he came to Parer Hat.
The prosecutor Haider Ali then conducted the cross examination

Haider Ali: what does you do except banana business and land cultivation? Do you do any social or seni-judicial work?

Witness: I did not do any social work or semi-judicial work.

Prosecutor: Have you got any information from police station or from the court when a suit is filed from your village by any member.

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: Have you given any deposition as witness?

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: The house of Parer Hat is your own or rented?

Witness: It is mine. It was bought in the name of ours through kabla deed.

Prosecutor: From whom?

Witness: From a Hindu Person.

Prosecutor: Whether there was neighbor beside your house?

Witness: During that time there was Hindu and Muslim, at present there is living Muslims only.

Prosecutor: How many children you have?

Witness: Three daughter and one son. One son and one daughter are school going.

Prosecutor: Have you invited to Mr. Sayedee on occasion of your daughter’s marriage ceremony?

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: From when you have introduced with Saydee?

Witness: Before in 1969.

Prosecutor: Did you used to go to regularly his village house or father-in-law?

Witness: No.

Defence: Did you know about his father-in- law’s house.

Witness: No.

Defence: How did you come here to give witness?

Witness: I have come here by bus only. Saydee’s wife’s brother took me to hotel from Saydabad.

Defence: Who bears you from hotel to the Tribunal?

Witness: Mr Masud.

Defence: Did they know before?

Witness: Yes, Mr Masud was in touch by mobile.

Prosecutor: At first when you have heard that you have to give evidence before tribunal?

Witness: I have heard before one year. About one year ago in front of a madrasa Rafiq-Bin-Saydee said about that, a case was filed against my father (Mr. Saydee) and if anyone knows anything about this fake and false case then please come to the court and give your deposition. After that Some people and I was agreed to give deposition against this false and fake case.

Prosecutor: Who was the president and secretary of this madrasa?

Witness: Present M.P. is the president and secretary is unknown to me?

Prosecutor: Who was principal?

Witness: Maulana Delowar Hossain Saydee.

Prosecutor: Is principal present now?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecutor: During that time was any teacher of that madrasa present?

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: Did you any take information that investigation is going on against Sayedee?

Witness: I saw in the paper.

Prosecutor: Did you read news paper after that meeting with Rafiq Saydee?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecutor: By reading newspaper what you have found whether investigation is going or not?

Witness: Yes, it was continuing.

Prosecutor: Did you ever go to the investigation agency?

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: Have any communication with the investigation agency in this regard?

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: Have you been living in Parer Haat there on 16 May to December in 1971?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecutor: Whether all the settlers of Parer Hat was living there or not? Did some of them fled away?

Witness: Yes, especially Hindu’s.

Prosecutor: Or what about Muslim’s?

Witness: Now I could not remember.

Prosecutor: Did you ever visit the Razakar camp or the office of peace committee?

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: Did you know what they (member of the peace committee) were doing in their two offices?

Witness: No, I did not know.

Prosecutor: Have you stayed together with Razakar always?

Witness: I was not Razakar so how could I go there?

Prosecutor: The Tagra village was situated from south to the north and there was a road in the middle of the village and there were many houses beside the road.

Witness: Yes. My house is situated to the east side of the road.

Prosecutor: There was some Razakar’s house.

Witness: Yes, there were.

Prosecutor: How many?

Witness: Almost four or five.

Prosecutor: Was there any freedom fighters house?

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: Was there any freedom fighters house to the west side of the road?

Witness: The house of Mizanur Rahman Talukdar.

Prosecutor: Who were those Razakars?

Witness: They were Habibur Rahman Mridha, Bazlur Rahman Talukdar, Masiur Rahman, Solaiman, Sultan, Isahak.

Prosecutor: What is the linage identity of Masiur Rahman, Solaiman , Sultan, Isahak?

Witness: I do not know about Masiur Rahman.

Prosecutor: How much distance from your house to Masiur’s house?

Witness: Almost half a mile far away

Defence: How much distance from your house to Isahak’s house?

Witness: Almost one thousand yards far away.

Prosecutor: How far the House of Abdur Rashid Hawlader from your house?

Witness: It is 400/500 yards.

Prosecutor: How long the Tengra Khali village is North to South?

Witness: I do not know.

Prosecutor: When did your father die?

Witness: In 1996.

Prosecutor: What did your father do in the Pakistan Period?

Witness: He was the Union member for 15 or 20 years.

Prosecutor: Where did he live during the Liberation war?

Witness: He lived with us.

Prosecutor: Where is present house of the Mahbubul Alam Hawlader?

Witness: Tengrakhali.

Prosecutor: Is it his father’s house?

Witness: No, he sold his father’s house.

Prosecutor: At present where does he live?

Witness: He lives in a house which he gets from his grandfather’s property.

Prosecutor: How far it is from his father’s house to his present house?

Witness 100/150 yards.
Then the court is adjourned.

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