Wednesday, November 21, 2012

27 Sep 2012: Azam 16th witness testimony

After the Chowdhury case, witness number 16, in the case of Golam Azam then came to the witness box to give evidence (see witness number 15 here). Questions were asked by prosecutor Sultan Mahmud Simon

Prosecutor: My Lord, this witness has an acute hearing problem, so we have to assist him in asking the question.
Prosecutor: What is your name and state your identity.

Witness: My name is Sona Mia. Father- Late Jafor Ali. Mother- I can’t remember the name. Address: Village- Koirotola, Dokkhinpara, Districtt- Brahmonbaria. Aged- 75 years.

Prosecutor: State any remarkable event which has took place in 1971.

Witness: In 1971 , it was a night of Eid when I have heard the sound of vehicles and a lot of people. The Panjabis have killed the people by fire on that night. On the next morning I have heard and watched this. When the Razakars have seen me there they have shouted- why have you come at this side, and then we have seen that- they are digging a hollow on the ground and a lot of corpses were there. After watching a hand from those left bodies moving I have told him- don’t bury a live man. After taking the body to the roadside he has left the place. I could identify a Razakar whose name was Ruhul. I have given my statements to the IO.
Cross Examination:
Defence: Did you go and see the incident alone?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: How many houses were there at your village?

Witness: Around 10 to 12 houses.

Defence: Where was the house of Ruhul?

Witness: Rukunghat.

Defence: Did you know Ruhul from previous time?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: You have forgotten a lot of incidents of 1971?

Witness: How could I forget?

Defence: What is the name of your maternal grandfather?

Witness: Malu.

Defence: This is theabout the cross examination.
Prosecution: No other prosecution witness is ready today My Lord.

Chairman: No we are not happy about that. You are not supposed to do that.

Prosecution: What could we do? Please consider it.

Chairman: Okay now we can solve the pending petitions.

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