Tuesday, November 20, 2012

24 Sep 2012: Azam's 10th witness testimony

Then prosecution witness number 6 Kaji Ayub Hossain, a member of the Bangladesh police, was cross examined by the defence in the same case
Defence: Have you read the fortnightly reports published before 3/3/2011?  
Witness: No.  
Defence: Have you read the fortnightly report of Bangladesh Police of 2012?  
Witness: No. 
Defence: On 3/3/2011 the IO Sarwar Hossain Khan has gone to your office.  
Witness: Yes. 
Defence: Do you know who the DIG of Police AM Mesbah Uddin?   
Witness: No. 
Defence: Do you know Additional IGP Ahmed Ibrahim?  
Witness: No.  
Defence: Do you have any personal ideas about these reports?  
Witness: No.  
Defence: My Cross examination is complete. 

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