Thursday, November 22, 2012

17 Oct 2012: Sayedee 14th defense witness

After dealing with the Azam case, the tribunal then moved onto the case of Sayedee, and the defence witness no 14, Emran Hossain, came to the witness box. He was questioned by the defence lawyer Manjur Ahmed Ansari (see last hearing involving 13th witness)
Witness: My name is Emran Hossain. Father- Late Md. Moktar Uddin Sikdar. Mother- Late Mst. Sonavan Nessa. Aged- 59 years. Address: Village- Mohiron, Police Station- Baghar Para, District- Jessore. By profession- Teacher of Bagharpara Pilot High School.

Defence: What did you do during 1971?

Witness: I was a student.

Defence: State noteworthy incidents of 1971.

Witness: During 1969 to 1970 Mr. Delwar Hossain Syedee used to live in a house on a rental basis. He was involved with religious meeting on that time. On 26th March, 1971 the Pakistan armies bombed Jessore New Town from the Jessore Cantonment. The residents of the towns started rushing towards the nearby villages to save their lives. Then Mr. Syedee has taken shelter on the house of Mawlana Sadruddin of our village in the middle of May. Mawlana Sadruddin has called Rawshan Ali after 15 days and stated that people’s have started gathered on my house; I’m facing a bit trouble in maintaining all of their accommodation. Could you please take Mr. Syedee to your house? Then Mr. Rawshan has taken him to his house. After staying there for 2 and half months, Mr. Syedee’s brother has come and taken him with him to their home district Pirojpur. Mr. Sayedee is present today at this Tribunal. This is all about my deposition.
The prosecutor Syed Haider Ali then cross examined the witness.
Prosecutor: Which class you do usually take at your school?

Witness: I’m a teacher of the subject religion.

Prosecution: When was the school established?

Witness: On 01-01-1975.

Prosecution: Whether the sons and daughters of Mawlana Sadruddin are alive?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: When did you first meet Mr. Sayedee?

Witness: When he has first gone to the house of Mr. Sadruddin.

Prosecution: Have you gone to the house of Mr. Rawshan?

Witness: No.

Prosecution: Where did you complete your education?

Witness: At Podmobela Senior Alia Madrasa. During the liberation the Madrasa was close.
Prosecution: Did you uses to stay at home during the liberation?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: Is there any affluent people during the liberation war except Mawlana Sadruddin?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: In which social class did you belong to?

Witness: We were middle class people.

Prosecution: Several students of Madrasa have joined the Al-Badar and Razakar team, do you know that?

Witness: I have heard.

Prosecution: Whether the Pakistani or Razakars have attacked your village during 1971?

Witness: No.

Prosecution: During 1971 the Pakistanis have committed several sorts of atrocities. Do you know that?

Witness: I have not heard about those at that time but I have heard afterwards.

Prosecution: Who were usually targeted of those atrocities?

Witness: I can’t say.

Prosecution: Why have you come today?

Witness: I have come here to give statement in the case of Mr. Sayedee.

Prosecution: When did you first heard about the atrocities as I have mentioned earlier?

Witness: I have come to know before 1 year and few months from the newspapers. Usually I read newspaper but I am not regular on reading newspapers.

Prosecution: You have come before this Tribunal as you are involved with the politics of Jamaat-e-Islami.

Witness: Not True.

Prosecution: This is the end of my cross examination.

Chairman: Okay, call the next witness.

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