Tuesday, November 20, 2012

6 Sep 2012: Sayedee 2nd defense witness cross

In the afternoon session, after the Chowdhury case in the morning, the cross examination of the second defense witness Abdur Razzak Akand in the trial of Sayedee continued (following on from here) with the prosecutor Haider Ali asking the questions.
Prosecution: From when do you know Mr.Saydee?

Defence: Two years before liberation.

Prosecution: Nanna Mia has taken you to give the depositon but how long you have relation with Nanna Miah?

Defence: It’s about fifteen or sixteen years.

Prosecution: Has there been any reciprocal communication between you and Mr. Saydee. Whether Mr. Saydee used to go your house or vice versa.

Defence: No.

Prosecution: Has any reciprocal communication taken place between you and Nanna?

Defence: Eunus Munchi father of Nanna Mia had carried on cloth business. We had a communication with them because we used to go there cloth shop.

Prosecution: What did Mr Saydee do before liberation war?

Defence: He did ‘’Mahfil ‘’ or religious meeting before liberation war.

Prosecution: Where did he do it?

Defence: There was a field in our village dighipara where Sayedee did his ‘Mahfil’ and I have heard it before liberation war.

Prosecution: Did he do any the Mahfil after liberation war?

Defence: He did the Mahfil in that place after one year of Liberation.

Prosecution: Have you heard whether Mr. Saydee was arrested or not?

Defence: No, I did not hear.

Prosecution: Was there any complaint against him after liberation war?

Defence: No.

Prosecution: What type of property Saydee’s has?

Defence: No, I did not know.

Prosecution: Did you know anything about his son’s education?

Defence: I didn’t know exactly.

Prosecution: Who had taken the death body of kutti into boat ?

Defence: No, I don’t know.

Prosecution: In which side the Parerhat was from your house?

Defence: To south point.

Prosecution: Did a woman file a suit against you and your nephew?

Defence: Yes. Babul my nephew was injured by the woman’s son as a result I have filed a suit against the woman in favor of my nephew. That was the reason why the woman also filed a suit against me and nephew.

Prosecution: You have three nephews. Have they distributed their property?

Defence: No, now they are extended family because Bahadur is owner of huge property and Madu is till unmarried.

Prosecution: According to this suit the difference of age between you and your nephew is two years. is it right?

Defence: No, it was not right.

Prosecution: You have come to here to give deposition in favor of Mr Saydee but I think you didn’t know anything about him.

Defence: Not true.

Prosecution: The boat has been coming with the death body of Kutti from north side to Parerhat -this statement of Muslim Maula was not true?

Defence: The statement was true.

A: You have said that “I have heard after Liberation that a suit was filed by Ibrahim Kutti’s wife” but your statement is not true.

Defence: It is not true.

Prosecution: The Razakar had burnt your father-in –laws house, Babul’s house and your house, although knowing the facts you are giving false evidence.

Defence: Not true.

Prosecution: In reality you have been influenced by Nanna Mia and Saydee’s relatives to protect them from this case.

Defence: Not true.
Thus the cross examination was complete.

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