Thursday, November 22, 2012

21 Oct 2012: Sayedee 16th defense witness

After dealing with the fifteenth defense witness, the sixteenth witness Abdul Halim Fakir in support of Delwar Hossain Sayedee then gave evidence, with the defence lawyer Manjur Ahmed Ansari asking questions.
Defence: State your name and identity.

Witness: I’m Abdul Halim Fakir. Father- Late Md. Sikandar Ali Fakir. Mother- Late Mst. Kulshum Bibi. Aged- 55 years. Address: Village- Tengrakhali, Police Station- Zianagar, District- Pirojpur.

Now I’m involved with taking care of our own farmyard. In 1971 I was a student of class-9. My educational qualification is that I’ve studied up to SSC.

Defence: State some important incidents of 1971.

Witness: In 1971 no Razakar, Peace Committee, Pakistan Army entered our village Tengrakhali. No houses were looted. No people have been tortured. In 1971 Mr. Syedee was not even a Razakar and in no way was he was involved in the peace committee and he was not against the liberation war. He has not committed any crimes against humanity. Mr. Syedee is present today at this Tribunal. This is all about my Statement.
The witness was then cross examined by the prosecutor Syed Haider Ali.
Prosecutor: Under which union Tengrakhali village falls?

Witness: Parerhat.
Prosecutor: Under which union Southkhali village falls?

Witness: Postashi.

Prosecutor: Zianagar Police Station was under which district previously?

Witness: Pirojpur.

Prosecutor: How many unions are there under Zianagar Police Station?

Witness: 3. Namely- Parerhat, Postashi, Balipora.

Prosecutor: Who was the Chairman of Balipora union in 1971?

Witness: I can’t remember.

Prosecutor: How many wards are there under Balipora union?

Witness: 9.

Prosecutor: Who is the Member of Postashi union?

Witness: I don’t know.

Prosecutor: How many brothers did Mr. Syedee’s father have?

Witness: I don’t know.

Prosecutor: How many brothers does Mr. Syedee have?

Witness: He has one brother- Mostofa Syedee.

Prosecutor: How many sons and daughters Mr. Mostofa Syedee have?

Witness: I don’t know.

Prosecutor: Whether he was married in 1971?

Witness: I don’t know.

Prosecutor: How many members of Razakars and Peace Committee were there at Parerhat?

Witness: I don’t know how many Razakars were there. But I can state everyone of Peace Committee under that union. They all are the elderly people.

Prosecutor: Did you maintain communication with them after the liberation war?

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: Have you seen the papers about the formation of razakar force?

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: When have you passed the SSC?

Witness: In 1973.

Prosecutor: How many brothers do you have?

Witness: I have three brothers. All are alive and I’m number 3 among them on serial.

Prosecutor: Was there any member of Razakar and Peace Committee in your village?

Witness: No. There were no freedom fighters also.

Prosecutor: How many houses were there in your village on 1971?

Witness: 60 or 70.

Prosecutor: How many inhabitants of Tengrakhali used to pay the tax of Union Parishad?

Witness: I don’t know.

Prosecutor: How many sons and daughters do you have?

Witness: I have two sons and one daughter.

Prosecutor: You and your father were involved with peace committee and you were against the liberation war.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecutor: You have stated—“ On 1971 no one of Razakar, Peace Committee, Pakistan Army have got entered our village Tengrakhali. No houses have been looted. No people have been tortured.”—it is false.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecutor: What did the members of Peace Committee used to do?

Witness: They used to loot, they used to caught the Hindu people by the assistance of Razakars and then handed over them to the Pakistan Armies and then people was killed by fire.

Prosecutor: You have stated – “He has not committed any crimes against humanity”—what do you understand by crimes against humanity?

Witness: I have meant—looting, raping, killing, genocide, arson etc by this term.

Prosecutor: When have you got first idea about crimes against humanity? 
Witness: During 1971 people used to say about this.

Prosecutor: When you first been came to know that- you are supposed to come here at this Tribunal for giving statement? 
Witness: On 10th October, 2012.

Prosecutor: Who has asked you to come here for giving deposition? 
Witness: The brother in law of Mr. Sayedee—Mr. Nanna has asked me to come.

Prosecutor: You are involved with the politics of Jamaat-e-Islami. So you are giving false statements. 
Witness: Not true.

Prosecutor: My cross examination is finished

Chairman: Okay, the next witness.

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