Thursday, November 22, 2012

17 Oct 2012: Sayedee 15th defense witness

After the 14th witness, Mizanul Islam said that the next defence witness, no 15, Abdus Salam Hawladar was sick but he has come for the deposition. He was questioned by the defence witness Manjur Ahmed Ansari.
Witness: I am Abdus Salam Hawladar. Father- Late Ashraf Ali Hawladar, Mother- Late Asia Khatun. Aged- 65 years. Address- village- Badura, Police Station & District- Pirojpur. I am doing the household works. On 1971 my father has a shop at Parerhat Bazar, I used to sit there.

Defence: State the remarkable incidents of 1971.

Witness: On 26th March, 1971 the liberation war started. On 7th May the Pakistan Army arrived at Parerhat. They with the assistance of some people namely- Danesh Molla, Manik Shikdar, Moslem Mawlana, Shikandar Shikdar, Goni Gazi, and others have looted 5 or 6 Hindu owner’s shops. After the looting the Pakistan Armies have gone towards Pirojpur. The shop owners were- Makhon Shaha, Narayon Shaha, Modon Shaha, Gourango Pal, Bijoy Mastar and others. On the next day the Pakistan Armies came again. Then by the assistance of the abovementioned associates they have entered my uncle Nuru Khan’s home after crossing the bridge. He was the leader of Awami League. The members of Peace Committees have shown the house to the Pakistan Armies. Then Nuru Khan, his wife and his son Selim Khan were not in their house. They have fled before the freedom fight started. Their house has been set on fire. After 15 to 20 minutes the Pakistan soliders have gone to Chitholia village. After sometimes we have watched the smoke. Thousands of people were rushing madly on that time. We have heard that- the house of Moizuddin and Roisuddin of Chitholia village has been set on fire.

After 35 to 40 minutes the Pakistan soldiers have started towards Parerhat Bazar with the peace committee members. I was then standing at the north side of the bridge and watched that the Pakistan Armies were coming forward Parerhat by crossing the bridge. After roaming sometimes at the Parerhat Bazar the Pakistan Armies have started towards Pirojpur. After two or three days the Parerhat Peace Committee has been formed involving the membership of Shikandar Shikdar, Danesh Molla, Mofijuddin Moulovi, Goni Gazi, Gonesh Shikdar, Asmot Ali and others. The Peace Committee has been formed at the building of Fokir Das after forcefully taking it over which was located at the east side of Parerhat Bazar.

In the middle of the June the Razakar Camp has been formed at the Parerhat High School. I know Bojlu Kari, Hanif , Mohsin as the members of Razakar. I have not ever seen Mr. Delwar Syedee with them. From the Pirojpur-1 seat, Mr. Syedee has stood on the election three times and won twice. The first time Mr. Syedee has won against a Hindu person, who is a famous lawyer, even he has not filed any case of war crimes against Mr. Syedee. Another time he has won against Mr. AKM Awal who has not filed any case of war crimes against Mr. Syedee also. Mr. Syedee is present today at this Tribunal. This is the end of my deposition.
The prosecutor Syed Haider Ali then started the cross examination:
Prosecutor: Do you know where the cases of electoral matters are filed?

Witness: No.

Chairman: Okay the Tribunal is adjourned till 2 P.M.

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