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12 Sep 2012: Sayedee 4th defense witness

After the Azam case in the morning, the afternoon session started with the 4th defence witness, Abul Hossain (Father’s Name: Hazrat Ali Mother’s Name: Late Jayeda Begum.Age: 56 years old), in the trial of Sayedee [The previous witness evidence is here] The Defense Council was Manjur Ahmed Ansari.
Defence: What is your occupation?

Witness: I am working at private firm.

Defence: Where did you live in 1968?

Witness: Block-A, House-185, in Jessore.

Defence: Have your mind any incident of our liberation war?

Defense Witness: During our liberation war in 25th March 1971 the Pakistan army has attacked on armless people of Bangladesh. Jessore army headquarters was involved and it continued from 26, 27and 28th March of that year. Sahidul Islam Saheb has been living at house number 184 beside my house. He was the headmaster of Sheikh Ali Govt. Primary School. Abul Khair has lived at house no 183, he was assistant headmaster of that school and Delwar Hossain Saydee has lived at house no. 182. Many people had fled from Jessore to outer place where they felt safe. During that time our four family guardians had discussed to leave this place. Approximately third or fourth April we went to Sheikh Hat. We stayed there at night and from morning we walked to the east side that means Dhanghata village. We stayed there at Baglo of Mr Sahidul Islam’s mother’s brother house. We have been living there for seven or eight days. Finally my father and Sahidui Islam had decided to go to India. Abul Khar went to his Mama’s house at Dhanghata. Sayedee went to Mahiran at Pir house, who was a religious leader.

Defence: Where was Mahiran?

Witness: It was Baghapara in Jessore. It was eight kilometers far away from Dhanghata.
Cross examination took place by Haider Ali
Prosecution: Have you any national identity card?

Defence: Yes, I have. But now it is not with me.

Prosecution: Have you taken it to Dhaka?

Defence: No, it is at Jessore.

Prosecution: Which private firm are you working with now?

Defence: Square Electronic Mike at Jessore.

Prosecution: How long have you been working there?

Defence: It’s about ten to twelve.

Prosecution: Have any ID card of that firm?

Defence: Yes, I have but not now with me.

Prosecution: Did you taken any identity card or certificate from Union Parisad that you have been living in that village?

Defence: No.

Prosecution: What is your designation of that firm?

Defence: As a manager.

Prosecution: How many staff do you have at that firm?

Defence: It’s about four or five.

Prosecution: What is your owner name?

Defence: Shahidul Islam.

Prosecution: How old is he?

Defence: He is thirty-six to thirty-seven years old.

Prosecution: Where have you worked before?

Defence: I had worked as a singer at Kindergarten.

Prosecution: Where you have studied?

Defence: At Jassore.

Prosecution: Is there any document about your studies?

Defence: No.

Prosecution: Who was the guardian of family during 1971?

Defence: My father. He died in 1985.

Prosecution: What was the occupation of your father?

Defence: My father was head assistant of police office at Jessore.

Prosecution: How many sister and brothers do you have?

Defence: Nine brothers and four sisters.

Prosecution: What is your position?

Defence: Third

Prosecution: During liberation war what did your elder brothers do?

Defence: They did studies.

Prosecution: Your two elder brothers are alive?

Defence: Yes.

Prosecution: When did you pass your S.S.C.?

Defence: In 1972.

Prosecution: What about yours other brothers and sisters?

Defence: They were more educated than me.

Prosecution: What have you done in India?

Defence: I had lived at a cottage near the camp.

Prosecution: Where was your grandfather’s house?

Defence: Basirhat at Chobbis-pargana in West Bangal.

Prosecution: Was the house no.185, a Government allotment house?

Defence: Yes, but I have taken possession from that person who took the allotment.

Prosecution: Was the house no. 182,183 and 184 were Government allotment?

Defence: Yes.

Prosecution: The people who returned from India did they live in that house?

Defence: Yes.

Prosecution: When did you come to return from India to Bangladesh?

Defence: After nine month of liberation.

Prosecution: When did your father came to Bangladesh?

Defence: In 1947 after divided the Greater Bangla my father came to Bangladesh with whole family.

Prosecution: What did you do after you returned from India?

Defence: I used to sing songs.

Prosecution: Did you know about Rabindhro Sanghit, Nazrul Sanghit and others?

Defence: Yes.

Prosecution: Have you gone to the place where many people come to enjoy the song?

Defence: I am not that type singer. Since 1978 I have sang song.

Prosecution: Did Saydee live there?

Defence: Yes, with his two sons, wife and a governess lived there.

Prosecution: What did Saydee during that time?

Defence: ‘Waz-Mahfil’.

Prosecution: Did Saydee live at house no.182?

Defence: Not true.

Prosecution: Before this have you given any evidence?

Defence: Yes, on the occasion of various suit but it was related to my job and it is first for me.

Prosecution: Every month you have to give evidence in different courts. Is that the case?

Defence: Yes.

Prosecution: You did work at Kindergarten. Now do you have any evidence?

Defence: No.

Prosecution: From when did it start and stop?

Defence: I did not know. But it was continuing for two or three years.

Prosecution: Did you engage any student organization?

Defence: No.

Prosecution: Was there any student wing in Jessore?

Defence: I did not know.

Prosecution: What did your children do?

Defence: …….

Prosecution: Who went from Dhanghata first to their destination?

Defence: We went at first, and then Saydee.

Prosecution: From Dhanghata, Saydee went to Pir house. Was it true?

Defence: Yes, true.

Prosecution: Where was Saydee’s village house?

Defence: I didn’t know.

Prosecution: During liberation war you and Saydee were known to each other and had fled from village. Isn’t true?

Defence: Not true.

Prosecution: Who informed you that you have to give evidence?

Defence: Saydee’s wife’s brother Nanna Mama.

Prosecution: When were you introduced with Nanna Mama?

Defence: Before one year he went to my house and requested to me to give evidence.

Prosecution: With whom now you come in Dhaka?

Defence: By my selfbut Mama has taken me from Gabtali.

Prosecution: For this kind of activities you become profitable from Sayedee always.

Defence: Not true.
Then the Court was adjourned.

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