Thursday, November 22, 2012

17 Oct 2012: Sayedee witness pressure claim

The tribunal started with Mizanul Islam, the defence lawyer, telling the tribunal that one of the defence witnesses has been threatened over phone.

He said that the court directed the defense to bring at least three DWs for today. This is why we called Emran Hossen of that list. He came from Jeshore. He is a school teacher and on the previous evening, the Head Master of the School called him on his mobile and requested him not to give any evidence in this case. The lawyer said that the Head Master told Emran that yesterday the secret service people called the Head Master several times in his School and enquired about Emran. They told the Head Master that Emran should return to Jeshore without giving evidence in this case. The Head Master advised that Emran may lose his job if he do not listen to the Head Master.

Chairman said 'what we can do?'

Islam said that you may direct the school not to punish Emran for becoming a defense witness in this case. Otherwise this poor guy will lose his job. A witness should not suffer for becoming a defense witness.

The chairman said that he will not pass such an order. 'If this defense witness is present today then we may at least take his evidence and release him so that he can return back.'

The chairman then said that some of the today’s newspapers have published reports about the last day’s proceedings where they have quoted and mentioned the name of a member of this Tribunal and quoted him. Please don’t do that, mention it as the quote of the Tribunal.
The tribunal then moved onto an argument about the Golam Azam trial

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