Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11 Oct 2012: Kashem Ali medical applications

After the Azaharul Huq applications, the next petition was for Mir Kashem Ali. The defense asked for his urgent medical treatment. Defense counsel said that, prior to his arrest he used to do dental scaling as he is a diabetic patient. But in jail there was no proper medical equipment and his gum has been affected seriously. He needs immediate medical treatment. Defense counsel also added that we prayed to the jail authority to take proper step but they didn’t. Then Tribunal asked the prosecution that whether they have any obligation regarding this. They answered they had never ever any objection regarding medical treatment and then court assured them that they will pass necessary orders.

Another application for Mir Kashem Ali was he has to be provided suitable motor vehicles, ambulance and other facilities (proving books, paper, pen etc) in jail.

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