Wednesday, November 21, 2012

8 Oct 2012: Sayedee and other applications

The court dealt with a number of outstanding defence and prosecution applications

Contempt cases
The Chairman said that the two contempt petitions against Shahrier Kabir and Mr Mann of Channel 1 have been rejected and we will pass the order at our chamber.

Interrogation of Mir Kashem Ali in the safe home
Chairman then referred to the next petition which is about interrogating Mir Kashem Ali in the safe home. Prosecutor Sultan Mahmud Simon has stated that because of the shortage of the time they were unable to complete the interrogation of Mir Kashem Ali so they are praying for 2 more days for the interrogation.

Chairman responded by saying we have passed the order about this, but the defence is stating they have not been informed before 48 hours before the interrogation starts.

Sultan Mahmud Simon has replied that the son of Mir Kashem Ali was present on that day who is also a lawyer. 

Chairman, okay this time we are giving the name of the defence lawyer who is to be informed 48 hours before the interrogation. 

Islam asked why the tribunal was passing an order when it had not heard the defense. He also said that the contempt application against the investigation officer is still pending as he violated the last order by interrogating the accused without notifying the defense. The chairman said that this was a bonafide mistake. 'We have already asked them to give explanation. You should give us name of the person who should be notified this time before interrogation.' The defense then gave the name of Tanvir Ahmed Al-Amin.

Sayedee safe house summons applications
Application seeking the court to summons witnesses from the safe house. To read about this, click here

Sayedee evidence admissability
The defense made an application seeking the admissibility of evidence set out in its application. To read about this click here

Additional prosecution evidence relating to Nizami
To read about this application, click here

Azam witness list
To read about the application, click here

Authentication of defense witness list
Then the prosecutor Zead Al Malum refered to the defence witness list and that this had not been authenticated by the defence side. The Chairman has asked the defence counsel if they have any problem in authenticating the list. Mizanul Islam has said that there was no objection and he authenticated the list by giving a signature.

The Tribunal was adjourned till 2 P.M and moved onto the Golam Azam case

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