Thursday, November 22, 2012

16 Oct 2012: Azam foreign witness application

At the beginning the afternoon session dealing with the Sayedee case, the defense counsel Mr. Abdur Razzaq filed a petition seeking the tribunal to sending summons to the relevant high commission for ensuring the presence of two witnesses who are foreigners. Mr. Razzaq said that they need to come and it must be undertaken within the procedures. They should not come here by ‘visit’ visa. On their visa the reason of their coming needs to be mentioned. The judges also agreed with him. Then the counsel again mentioned the necessity of sending summons.

Then the chief of the Tribunal asked the prosecution lawyer that whether they have any objection regarding this. Then Mr. Haider Ali said that, we need to know the content of their deposition. We need to know why they are coming to give evidence. Is this a matter of giving opinion or making any commentary on law point then I must say we have many resource person and learned lawyers here. Then Mr. Nizamul Huq said that they are not coming for giving any opinion they are just coming as defense witness.

Then Mr. Mizanul Islam the defense counsel said that I just want to answer the question that, which witness will serve our purpose no other party will decide this even not the Tribunal.

Then Mr. Nizamul Huq said that the order will be given tomorrow.

The tribunal then continued with the evidence of the 13th defense witness

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