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16 Sep 2012: Sayedee 5th defense witness

After the Chowdhury case, the tribunal then moved onto the fifth defence witness in the case of Sayedee [4th witness can be seen here].
I am Md. Khasrul Alam, father late Kasem Ali Matbor and mother late Jaigun Bibi, age 62 years old. In 1971 I was a student of Morolgonj S.M. Collage and member of the then Awami League student’s wing. With the VP Mr. Liyakot Ali Khan and ex VP Mr. Mosharraf Hossain Khan of Morolgonj Collage we went to the ex Subadar of Army, S.M. Kabir Ahmed Madhu and with his leadership we joined to our freedom fight. At first we took training in rifles. Then we went on mission under Kabir Ahmed Madhu in different places. After some days I came to know that as I was a member of Awami League Student’s wing who had joined the freedom fight, the son of Rajaka Sofijuddin who is also a Rajakar named Mohsin went to my house with some Punjabi soldiers. They set fire to my house and tortured physically my sixty year old aged mother. I came to know this at the end of May. Afterwards following the direction of Sub Sector Commander of Sundorbon, Captain Ziauddin and under Mr. Liyakot Ali Khan and with Shamsur Alam Talukder who was 2nd in commander, we conducted a mission and took control over the student camp of my village. Then Captain Ziauddin appointed an instructor for our training named Poritosh. After training we started to conduct many missions in different places. On 7 December 1971 Captain Zia directed us to attack Pirojpur and under Mr. Liyakot Ali Sheikh with around 250 freedom fighters we went on Pirojpur. After that we started from there and at around 1 am we reached at Parerhat village. Mr. Liyakot Ali Sheikh rested there for some time. He visited many places with the freedom fighters of Parerhat. Getting the news of our arrival all the Rajakars fled away from their camp. They made their camp on Fakir Das’s building which was occupied by the Rajakars. Then Liyakot Ali left us for the surveillance of the camp. There Mokarram Hossain Kabir, Abdul Goni Poshari were with us. Afterwards Captain zia with his second in commander came in Parerhat village and many people came to receive them. He stayed there for 5 to 10 minutes. He made a short speech and left back in Pirojpur but his second in Commander Mr. Shamsul Alam Talukder stayed in Parerhat for 2 or 3 hours. Our commander Liyakot ali with Shamsul Alam Talukder made some secret expedition into different Rajakar’s camp where the Pakistani soldiers lived as well. When captain Zia was with the general people of Parerhat union they told about the notorious Rajakars and their activities but not a single person mentioned the name of Delwar Hossain Sayedee. They mentioned the name of Sikandar Shikder the chairman of peace committee, Danesh Mollah, Sofizuddin Moulavi but never ever mentioned the name of Sayedee.

Mawlana Moslem uddin was another notorious Rajakar who lived with Vanu Shaha the daughter of Bipod Shaha for a 8 months long in the same house of Bipod Shaha. Captain Zia while leaving gave us some responsibilities and we by Nishikanta Vuimali through beating drums made everybody known that, whatever you people wanted to say just come to us and tell and don’t give shelter to the Rajakars. Nobody there alleged Sayedee as a Rajakar. I know Mr. sayedee after his marriage. He used to come to his in laws house. Bipod shaha one day lifting his hand on my shoulder he couldn’t stop crying, saying that, the detriment caused by Rajakar Moslem Mawlana can’t bear description. In Parerhat union and Shangkapasha union there is no incident of women rape. If anyone brings such allegation he/she is telling lies.

Among Rajakars we arrested Sekandar Ali, Sofijuddin Moulabi, Abdul Karim etc. We took several operation for catching Danesh mollah and Moslem Mawlana. After 2 or 3 days my elder brother came to join us in the camp. I asked him some questions and he also discussed with me on various matters but even he never mentioned the name Sayedee as a Rajakar or did any sedition or any activities like that.

Then the court pointed out to Delwar Hossain sayedee who was at that moment sitting in the dock that witness Mr. Khasrul Alam could identify Sayedee or not, the witness said that he could identify the man sitting in the dock. He used to have the same get up then, as he has today.
Cross Examination by Haider Ali then followed
Prosecution: How many brothers had Sofijuddin Moulabi?

Witness: I don’t know.

Prosecution: How many brothers had Rajakar Mohsin?

Witness: They were younger then, he was the son of Sofizuddin Moulabi, I don’t know how many brothers he had.

Prosecution: Where did they live?

Witness: Their main address was in Togra village but they lived in Parerhat Bazar.

Prosecution: In which area of Togra village?

Witness: I don’t know.

Prosecution: How many Rajakars were there in Togra village?

Witness: I don’t know exactly we, only made the list of some notorious Rajakars.

Prosecution: How many Rajakars were there in Parerhat village?

Witness: According to my knowledge above thirty.

Prosecution: All of them were notorious?

Witness: No, not like that.

Prosecution: Could you remember exactly all the incidents?

Witness: It’s about 41 years back, I couldn’t remember all the incidents exactly but those I heard, those I saw, those are important I could remember them.

Prosecution: In Sofijuddin Moulabi’s house how many Rajakars were there?

Witness: I don’t know.

Prosecution: How many house did you visit for finding Rajakars?

Witness: For catching Moslem Maulana we went to his own house, his father-in-laws house, his grandfather-in laws house but we failed. Before the declaration of general pardon we didn’t find him.

Prosecution: In Togra village was there any freedom fighter?

Witness: Yes there was.

Prosecution: Who were they?

Witness: Mizanur Rahman

Prosecution: Did he come in the camp?

Witness: He came later and joined us.

Prosecution: How many of them were local.

Witness: we were around 15/20 local freedom fighters.

Prosecution: Was there any freedom fighter that didn’t live in camp rather their own home?
Witness: No they lived in Camp.

Prosecution: How many days did you live in camp?

Witness: I lived there till 13/15 February. After that the camp was running but I went to my collage.

Prosecution: Did Safijuddin live alone?

Witness: No, he lived with his whole family.

Prosecution: what do you mean by whole family?

Witness: I mean with his sons, daughters, and wife. I don’t know the exact number of his family member.

Prosecution: Did Sofiuddin Moulabi live in his Togra’s house?

Witness: I didn’t go there, so I don’t know.

Prosecution: When Captain Zia stayed in Parerhat village did he talk separately with everyone or all together.

Witness: Actually he made a short speech and in his speech he told that, don’t give shelter to the Rajakars and if anyone has any complaints against anybody tell the freedom fighters residing in the camp. Besides this he didn’t talk with anybody separately.

Prosecution: When the second in Commander Shamsul Alam Talukder were listening to the people of parerhat did he listen all together or separately?

Witness: All together.

Prosecution: How many people were present there?

Witness: Around 1000/1200 people.

Prosecution: How many talked to him?

Witness: Most of the people alleging on same incident. I can’t remember the exact number of people.

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