Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Previous analysis of the law and tribunal process

Analysis of the International Crimes Tribunal

Here are a number of op-eds I wrote about the ICT at the pre-trial stage of proceedings - looking mostly at law and procedure.

3 Mar 2012: Further Bias is no answer

1 Oct 2011: A Crucial Period for the ICT

8 Aug 2011  ICT: The age of Reasons

5 Aug 2011  Convicting the guilty of fair trial for the accused

15 Jun 2011 A question of Standards

26 Apr 2011 What to do about SQC?

1 Apr 2011 Taking a leaf out of the prime minister's playbook

1 Jan 2011 Seeking justice that Bangladesh can take pride in

Other analysis on this blog

An analysis of the Sayedee indictment in four parts, written in November 2011
1. Charges

2. Legal

3. 1971 deaths

4. Tribunal history

A couple of posts on the media coverage of the tribunal in Bangladesh

1. 15 Feb 2012 Malicious journalism against Al Jazeera

2. 20 Feb 2012 - Daily Star's attack on Al Jazeera

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