Tuesday, November 20, 2012

24 Sep 2012: Azam 12th witness testimony

Dr. Shawapan Kumar Bishwash the 12th witness in the case of Golam Azam came to the witness box.
Sultan Mahmud Simon [Prosecutor]: State your identity.  
Witness: I am Dr. Shawapan Kumar Bishwash. Father: Late Narendranath Bishwash. Mother: Late Usha Bishwash. Aged: 53 years. I am working as the present post of the keeper of Bangladesh National Musuem. 
Prosecutor: If the IO of this case has gone to your office on 20-4-2011. 
Witness: Yes the IO of this case Abdur Razzak has come to our office on that day with other officers. They have visited the gallery of the National Museum. Then they have scanned and photocopied the selected documents relating the liberation war which was being previewed at the gallery and took some photographs. Then they have seized those documents. We have signed those documents as the witness. The main documents have been given to custody of myself and Md. Monirul Islam, Assistant Keeper of the National Museum. There were 85 documents and photographs. This is the material exhibit- 498 and here is my signature which would be counted as the material exhibit number- 498/1. [Then he has given the title of the each of the material exhibits from the number- 499 to 510.] 

Cross Examination:
Mizanul Islam: When the IO Abdur Razzak has first gone to your office?  
Witness: On 2-4-2011 at 3.00 P.M.  
Defence: If the main documents are with you today?  
Witness: No.  
Defence: If the names and addresses of the people who deposit anything to the custody of the National Museum are enlisted?  
Witness: Yes.  
Defence: Who submitted the aforesaid contents of the material exhibits?  
Witness: I can’t remember.  
Defence: Who has issued the material exhibit- 504 which contains the Proficiency Certificate issued by the Eastern Command Razakar Battle Training School?  
Witness: A Major of Pakistan Army has issued that.  
Defence: Who is the issuing authority of the identity cards enlisted under the material exhibit number- 507 to 507/4?  
Witness: It is not clearly understandable from the documents.  
Defence: Who is the issuing authority of the identity card under the material exhibit number- 510?  
Witness: It is not clearly understandable.  
Defence: Do you have any identity card?  
Witness: Yes. All the identity cards as I have recognized under the material exhibits have been issued by someone who is the Major of the Pakistan Army  
Defence: The IO has taken other things from you except those identity cards.  
Witness: Not true.  
Defence: Okay that’s all about my cross examination. 

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