Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11 Oct 2012: Azaharul Huq jail division application

At the beginning of the afternoon hearing, in the middle of the Golam Azam witness cross examination, there were some petition hearings. 

The first two concerned Jamat leader ATM Azaharul Huq. One petition was for division in jail (a special privilege in jail). Regarding the division the Tribunal asked that they had already given order to the District Magistrate to take necessary steps according to the Jail Code and why he again was he asking for the order, the Tribunal expressed their suprise. Then Prosecution counsel said that the formar DM was transferred and the present one is new, so he didn’t understand. Then tribunal asked prosecutor Malum to report back on Sunday as to why the district magistrate had not complied with the court's order. The next petition was regarding the privileged communication. Regarding this the Tribunal said that the defense had come way too early since the case had not even entered into the trial phase. The defense would get ample time to consult the man once the case matures.

After this the tribunal heard two applications relating to Mir Quassem Ali

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