Wednesday, November 21, 2012

27 Sep 2012: Nizami transfer refused

After dealing with the Azam case, the Chairman has started reading and dealing with each of the following matters of the petitions.

1. Prosecution has prayed in the case of Motiur Rahman Nizami to add some other points to the report which has been collected from the witness by the investigation afterwards. Mizanul Islam has said that they have not got any copy so could it be heard on any other date. Chairman has consented.

2. In the case of Mir Kashem Ali the defence has prayed that they have not been informed before the 48 hours of the interrogation starts. So Tribunal is asked to take necessary actions regarding the matter. Chairman has said that we will hear it after 15 days. Prosecution ought to make their reply ready.

3. Then the next two petitions were from the defence side about the contempt petition against Shahriar Kabir Chowdhury about one of his interview and another was about the contempt petition against the reporter Majharul Haque Manna. Chairman has said we will hear it afterwards.

4. Then the next one was about a review petition about the Transfer of the case of Motiur Rahman Nizami. After the perusal, Chairman rejected the petition.

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