Wednesday, November 21, 2012

4 Oct 2012: Azam 18th witness testimony

After the Chowdhury witness, the tribunal then moved onto the examination in chief of Shiekh Farid Alam, prosecution witness number 18 in the case of Golam Azam (see 17th witness here)

He gave his father’s name as Late Al-hajj Joynal Abedin, his mother’s name as Late Begum Najnin Khanom, and his age as 60 years old His Address was 141/1, Poschim Nakhalpara (an area of Dhaka city)

On questioning he gave the following evidence:
Beside our house my father bought another plot 142/1, Poschim Nakhalpara about 2.10 katha (1800 square feet) in my name. In the year of 1971, I worked in the Pakistan Army. In the holding which was in my name there were part of a building and a shaded house which was used as a mosque and the office of Jamat-e-Islam. After independence I came back. Then I saw in that holding there was a club of Awami League. After making them understand the situation, I was able to eject them out and then I reestablished the mosque and Madrasa. The office of Jamat-e-Islam which was there, in our holding was given rent by my father.
That was the end of his deposition.

The chance to cross examine Farid Alam was declined by the defense.

Then there were again some altercation between the judges and prosecution regarding the scarcity of witnesses. Justice Jahangir Hossain asked whether there was any technical problem to produce witnesses. Answering this, prosecution lawyer Zead al Malum said that with due respect he wanted to say that in comparison to other cases this case was going so fast and taking witnesses quickly as well. The judges ordered the prosecution that they should make ready an extra witness when one witness comes to give evidence on witness stand. Then Zead al Malum said that we didn’t expect that Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul’s cross examination will be finished so early and another witness Farid Alam was ready and the defense declined to cross examine him. Then finally court give the ultimatum that if because of scarcity of witness any other session had to be adjourned, then the court will stop taking further witness. 

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