Thursday, November 22, 2012

21 Oct 2012: Sayedee 15th defense witness cross

Abdure Razzak told the tribunal that he had filed a number of applications. These are:
1. An application to recall the order dated 18.10.2012 and allow an adjournment for at least One Week so that the Accused Petitioner can produce the remaining Defence Witnesses (DWs) before the Tribunal.

2. An application under Section Rule 40 of the Rules of Procedure 2009 for production of documents.

3. An application to allow DW-13, Mr. Masood Sayedee to exhibit the documents listed in Schedule-X

4. An application to mark exhibit on the original copies/certified copies of the defence documents listed in Schedule-X and attested photocopies of the defence documents listed in Schedule – Y of the Application

5. Application to issue summons on Shukharanjan Bali so that he can testify as defence witness.

6. An application for admitting in evidence the documents under Section 19(1) of the IC(T)A 1973 read with Rule 54(2) and Rule 44 of the Rules of Procedure and mark them as exhibit under Rule 58(1) of the Rules of Procedure

7. An application to record the Reply given by DW-13 willingly in an answer to the Prosecution question.
The tribunal started with the defence witness Abdus Salam Hawladar, the fifteenth defence witness taking his seat in the witness box, and the prosecutor Syed Haidar Ali started his questions. The previous evidence of this witness is here
Prosecutor: How are you today?

Witness: I am quite fine.

Prosecutor: If you feel sick then you may use the bed and then give us the reply to us from lying on the bed.

Witness: No, I’m okay here at this dock.

Prosecutor: Where were you when the house of Nuru Khan was set on fire?

Witness: I was at my home but after hearing the news of fire I came out.

Prosecutor: What is the distance in between your house and Rajlokkhi School?

Witness: It is almost 200 to 300 yards. I have not gone to that school anytime during the liberation war.

Prosecutor: What do you do now?

Witness: I am involved with household activities nowadays.

Prosecutor: Where were the members of your house when the house of Nuru Khan has been set on fire?

Witness: They were hiding in our house but no one has left the house at that time.

Prosecutor: Was the place a secure hiding zone where you were there at that time?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecutor: Whether the Razakars and Pakistan Armies watched you then?

Witness: No. After they have left the place I have gone to that place.

Prosecutor: You have stated- the Peace Committee has been formed after 7th or 8th instant of that month--- it is untrue.

Witness: Not true. The members of peace committees were staying at that area before the Pakistan Armies arrived but they have been gathered after the arrival of Pakistan Army.

Prosecutor: Your father was a member of Peace Committee.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecutor: Whether the so called Razakar as you have mentioned used to come at your house?

Witness: No, they used to live at their camp and come at our grocery shop at the Market and borrowed several items and asked us to keep the note of borrowing.

Prosecutor: Can you state the numbers of the members of Razakars and Peace Committee?
Witness: I can state the number of Peace Committee members but cannot state the numbers of Razakar force.

Prosecutor: Were you there at the meeting when the Peace Committee has been formed?

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: Do you know where the members of Peace Committees are residing nowadays?

Witness: No.

Prosecutor: Have you heard the speech of Sudhangshu Babu before his participation in parliamentary election where his contestant was Mr. Sayedee?

Witness: Yes. But I have not read his leaflets and other papers. I have seen the Poster which was asking us to cast the vote to Awami League, with the symbol “Nouka.”

Prosecutor: That Sudhanshu Babu did not complain against Mr. Sayedee in regards war crimes is a false statement.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecutor: On the second occasions Mr. Syedee contested against Mr. AKM Awal and the statement Mr. Awal has also not complained against Mr. Syedee in regards the war crimes—it is not a true statement.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecutor: Did the members of Peace Committee and Pakistan Armies see you when they entered the house of Nur Khan?

Witness: No. But I have seen them.

Prosecutor: What is the name of your grandfather?

Witness: Alimuddin Hawladar.

Prosecutor: You and your father both are against the liberation war.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecutor: You have given a false statement for monetary benefit from the accused petitioner.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecutor: It is all about my cross examination.

Chairman: Okay call the next witness.

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