Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 oct 2012: Azam 19th witness testimony

In the afternoon, after the denial of one weeks adjournment in the Sayedee case, the examination in chief of Motiur Rahman the investigation officer into the offenses alleged to have been committed by Gholam Azam, and the sixteenth prosecution witness was completed (see previous hearing).
Because of mass offensive activities of offender Professor Golam Azam in our liberation war from 25th March to 16th December, there were 3 million people were killed, about 2 lakh women were raped, 10 million people were compelled to leave their own country. Because of him numerous people moved among the countries and took shelter in jungle and bushes. Thousand of schools, colleges, universities, markets, mosques, temples became debris. The minority religious group members were compelled to change their religion. In the period of our glorious freedom fight professor Golam Azam was the chief of the East Pakistan Jamat-e-Islam, central leader and controller of Peace Committee, and mastermind of all offences. And he was the leader of Rajakar, Al-Badr and Al-Shams. So in my primary investigation as his guilt is proved under sec-3(2) of International Crime Tribunal Act 1973, for his trial and taking proper steps in International Crimes Tribunal, Bangladesh, Dhaka, according to Investigation Organization memorandum no, A/Opo/try/investigation organization/1139, dated 31/10/2010, I submitted my investigation report and all documents to the chief prosecutor. Offender professor Golam Azam is present in the court.
That is the end of my deposition.

Then defense counsel prayed for some time to start cross-examination and prayed for an adjournment of the court for today but Justice Huq rejected this and said, you start then we will see. Then Mr. Mizanul Islam started cross examine him.
Defence: The formal charge which was submitted in the court, was it submitted with your advice?

Witness: I submitted my investigation report to the Chief Prosecutor and he submitted the formal charge, I could not say anything about this.

Defence: How many times formal charge had been submitted?

Witness: I have no idea regarding this.

Defence: In your deposition you said that investigation officer Abdur Rahim (who is an additional BMP) gave me the Magazine ‘Akpaksha’, did you mark it as an exhibit?

Witness: Yes, I did. Exhibit no 519.

Defence: When did you start this investigation?

Witness: In 01.08.2010 at 10 pm I open the investigation Diary and start investigation.

Defence: When did you get this Magazine ‘Akpaksha’?

Witness: Before opening this Diary I got this Magazine ‘Akpaksha’ and entered this as Complaint Register.

Defence: Did you give any opinion in the Complaint Register?

Witness: There is no scope to give any opinion in Complaint Register (CR). I only made entry of that magazine.

Defence: Is the heading of that magazine, ‘War Crime Trial, Steady Government, Opposition’s impediment’?

Witness: The portion which I saw, there was no such writings but it was written in the cover page of the magazine.

Defence: When did you seize the magazine?

Witness: In 01.08.2010 at 11.00 pm from Akpaksha Office, Ukilbari, Dom Inno Sontirsa, Iqbal Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1205, from Mr. Mahbub Alam ( who is an office assistant)

Defence: How many pages the magazine is there?

Witness: In my seizure list there is no mention of the total pages of the magazine, I only used 2 pages of it.

Defence: Did you seize those two pages torn from the magazine or the whole magazine?

Witness: I seized the whole magazine.
 Following another prayer of the defense the Tribunal was adjourned.

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