Tuesday, November 20, 2012

16 Sep 2012: Chowdhury 12th witness testimony

After the Azam case, the tribunal in the afternoon then moved onto the case of Salauddin Quader Chowdhury and the 12th prosecution witness Arunagshu Bimal Chowdhury gave evidence. [11th witness evidence can be seen here]

Father’s name: Late Jogesh Chandra Chowdhury Mother’s name: Late Ranada Bala Chowdhury. Age: about 80/82. Address: Sultanpur, Jagatmalla Para, PS- Rauzan, District- Chittagong.
In the year of 1971 I was around 40/42 years old. After passing Matriculation Examination I passed LMAF examination. Then I practiced as a doctor in Ranggunia, Ranirhat. The day when the incident occurred, the chairman of Rangunia Mr. Kaikobad chowdhury told me that, doctor you go home and move away with your family at least 2 miles from your house. Then with my whole family I went to Binajury in my in-laws house. After reaching there I heard that all the people of my village Jagatmallapara was killed by shooting. Then I came out to see what actually happened. On my way I saw my sister in law injured by gunshot around one mile west from my house. Name of my sister in law was Jotsna Bala Chowdhury. Her father’s house was also in Binajury and I brought her there. At that time, looting started even in Binajury. In time of bringing my sister in law I didn’t talk to her. I don’t know who committed all these incidents because I was not in home that time. At the time when there were mass looting in Binajury I hid behind a crop field and after that I fled away in India with my whole family by foot.

When I reached at India Border I saw my teacher Sadhan Dhar, Abdur raj Harun and Mr. Khalek. They give me a slip and by crossing river we entered in India. After the war when we came back in Bangladesh we saw nothing was left for us only the mud made house, standing there empty. After coming back Jagatmallapara which was almost destroyed I was busy with managing my shelter and livelihood. I didn’t get any scope to concentrate on other villages. Lots of people were killed in my village. In my family my elder brothers Himangshu Bimal Chowdhury, Premangshu Bimal Chowdhury, Shitangsu Bimal Chowdhury, my sisters in law Niru Bala Chowdhuru, Jotsona Bala Chowdhury, my uncle Surendra Binoy Chowdhury, his wife Charubala Chowdhury were killed. They were killed in my house. I heard that after one month 3 more members of my family were killed. After this occurrence I didn’t get any opportunity to find other people who were in other places. There is a martyr monument in Jagatmallapara village. The names of martyr are listed on that monument. I could not remember whether I have spoken before the investigation officer of this case either.
The defense declined the opportunity to cross examine this witness.

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