Thursday, November 22, 2012

18 Oct 2012: Tribunal warning on Sayedee defense

After giving its order relating to Golam Azam, the court then moved onto the case of Sayedee. The defense lawyer Mizanul Islam told the tribunal that the defence witness no 15 is very sick so he can’t be produced today.

Chairman: We have already said that we will not hear these sorts of excuses anymore. So we are going to pass an order in this regard.

Chairman passed the following order:
Accused Delwar Hossain Syedee has been produced today before this Tribunal. Today is fixed for the recording of the defence witness. Except DW-13 Mr. Masood Syedee no other witnesses are present today. Regarding the absence of DW-15 Mr. Mizanul Islam has stated that he is sick and can’t be produced today. We have seen him in this Tribunal on the last day; here we will not pass any comments about his sickness but we’d like to say defence has got enough time for the production of their witness. We direct the Prosecution to arrange the examination of this witness lying on a bed. And the defence is directed to produce other 5 witnesses on Sunday. In case of the failure they’ll be barred from the production of anymore witnesses. And no further times will be allowed for the Defence witness.
The tribunal then moved onto continuation of the cross examination of the 13th defense witness

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