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19 Sep 2012: Sayedee 3rd witness cross exam

The tribunal started with continuing the cross examination of the 3rd witness, Nurul Haque Hawladar,  for Sayedee which had started on 10th Sept 
Prosecutor: How many brothers do you have?

Witness: I have two brothers. Shamshul Haque Hawladar is the eldest and Mojammel Haque Hawladar is the second one. Mojammel Haque Hawladar has 4 sons- Shehe Alam Hawladar, Shohidullah, Shohidul Islam, Hafijullah. Shamshul Haque Hawladar has 3 sons- Solaiman Hawladar, Jamaluddin Hawladar, Lokman Hawladar.

Prosecution: What is the age of Solaiman Hawladar?

Witness: 57 to 58 years.

Prosecution: Mahbubul Alam Hawladar has first got married to his first cousin sister.

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: If your uncle and Mahbubul’s father in laws are first cousins?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: The first wife of Mahbubul has filed a case against Mahbubul.

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: You have always worked against Mahbubul on that case.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecution: Did Mahbubul has marital relationship with that wife?

Witness: No.

Prosecution: What is the house of Mahbubul made of?

Witness: It is a tin-shed building and the construction for the first floor is ongoing.

Prosecution: The construction of the first floor is ongoing- you have stated wrong.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecution: How many times have you gone to Parerhat Rajlokkhi High School?

Witness: I have not gone inside the school. The school is situated at the nearby road of our house. I used to follow the road all time.

Prosecution: Has any military or Razakar disturbed you at anytime during the liberation war?

Witness: No.

Prosecution: No Razakar have gone to your dwelling house or at the house of your village during the liberation war.

Witness: True.

Prosecution: How many times the Parerhat Bazar has been looted?

Witness: One day. And the Badura and Chitholia village have been burnt on the next day.

Prosecution: Was Parerhat Bazar been burnt any day?

Witness: No.

Prosecution: Where were you during the time of looting of the Parerhat Bazar?

Witness: At the Parerhat Bazar.

Prosecution: After the looting what did you do?

Witness: I have returned my home.

Prosecution: Whose shops have been looted by the military?

Witness: 5 or 6 shops of the people of Hindu community, namely the shops of Makhon Shaha, Modon Shaha, Narayon Shaha, Bijoy Master, Gourango Pal. Their houses were located adjacent to the shops.

Prosecution: Where does Gourango Pal live?

Witness: He is dead.

Prosecution: For what fear have the Hindu people converted to Islam?

Witness: To save their lives they have been converted. There was a fear of Pakistani Army. They have started killing the Hindu people. Though the Pakistan Army was ignorant who were Muslim or Hindus but the members of Peace Committee used to show the tress of Hindu people to the Pakistan Army.

Prosecution: Have you met the converted people during the liberation war?

Witness: Yes at Parerhat Bazar.

Prosecution: Did you used to visit your house at the village on regular basis?

Witness: Sometimes I used to go there. I was living at Parerhat, sometimes I used to go to my village Togra.

Prosecution: Did the freedom fighters return home after the liberation war?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: Have you seen Mizanur Rahman Talukdar?

Witness: I have seen him after almost one month.

Prosecution: What did the freedom fighters do after their return?

Witness: After the liberation war they used to stay at the Office of Peace Committee and the Razakar Camp.

Prosecution: What is the profession of Mizanul Islam Talukdar?

Witness: He was appointed in the service of Bank of Pirojpur.

Prosecution: If he used to go to his workplace from his house?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: Mannan Talukdar has not told you the torture on him by the Pakistan Army.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecution: ‘The Razakars have deposited the looted properties in the house of Mizanur Rahman Talukdar. After the receipt he has returned the property to the owners. We have not heard any word like this within these 40 years.’ This is not true

Witness: Not true.

Prosecution: You were not member of the Managing Committee of Togra Kamil Madrasa and Orphanage with Mannan Talukdar.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecution: What is the distance of the house of Gourango Talukdar from your house?

Witness: It is about 100 to 150 yards.

Prosecution: was there were any other houses within these houses?

Witness: Yes there were over 20 to 25 houses.

Prosecution: How many Hindu houses were there among these houses?

Witness: 7 to 8.

Prosecution: If there were any houses between your house and the Razakar Camp?

Witness: There were 10 to 15 houses.

Prosecution: Whose house was the nearest house from your house?

Witness: It was the house of Sobuj Uddin Moulovi.

Prosecution: How many sons and daughters does Sobuj Uddin Moulovi have?

Witness: He has one daughter and two sons. His elder son is about 20 to 22 years old.

Prosecution: Whose house was situated beside the house of Gourango Pal?

Witness: Dr. Sotindranath’s house. Now there is no house of Gourango Pal as it has been destroyed by the river erosion.

Prosecution: How many sons and daughters does Dr. Shotindranath have?

Witness: He has two sons but I don’t know how many daughters he has.

Prosecution: How many wives does Moslem Mawlana have?

Witness: I don’t know.

Prosecution: How many times he had got married?

Witness: I don’t know.

Prosecution: You have stated that- ‘It has been circulated that Moslem Mawlana has got married to that girl (Vanu Shaha)’- it is not true.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecution: ‘Mr. Syeede was not a Razakar, he has not committed any crimes against humanity, he is totally innocent.’- it is not true.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecution: If you were involved with any electoral campaigning process of any party?

Witness: During the election sometimes I have attended some public gatherings.

Prosecution: Do you read Newspapers?

Witness: Sometimes.

Prosecution: Reports have been circulated against Mr. Sayedee on the Daily Janakantha and Daily Jugantor- have you watched that?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: Your nephew was a Razakar and the whole of your family members were against the liberation war movement.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecution: Now you are an active supporter of Jamaat-e-Islami and are now in charge of Parerhat Jamaat-e-Islami.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecution: As you are involved with the active politics of Jamaat-e-Islami so you are giving false statements in favor of Mr. Sayedee.

Witness: Not true.

Prosecution: Your father was the member of Peace Committee.

Witness: This is the first time I have heard this. It is not true.

Prosecution: Okay this is the end my Cross Examination.

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