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29 May 2012: Chowdhury 3rd witness cross exam day 2

After the Sayedee trial cross examination finished in the morning, in the afternoon the cross-examination of the third witness against Salauddin Quader Chowdhury by the defence lawyer Ahsanul Haq Hena took place (continued from the previous day)
Defence: Did you know whether Kushum kumari School is situated at Rahmatganj?

Witness: Yes, it was situated at Rahmatganj.

Defence: Khan Bahadur road is situated behind the Kusum kumari School.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Captain Karim told you to solve the matter of Ratna Biswas and Salimullah. (PW 2)

Witness: It is not true.

Defence: On 23 December 1971, you were arrested by the Indian Army from the South Ashia primary School.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you tell us whether Hamidul kabir Khoka was died or alive?

Witness: He was killed at the hand of Mukti bahibi (freedom force)

Defence: Did you attack with Grenade upon A.K.M Fazlul kabir Chowdhury on 13 June 1971?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you know A.K.M Fazle Karim Chowdhury is a parliamentarian member now?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you want to kill Mir kashem, Sallah Uddin Quder Chowdhury, Sayed Wahidul alam in 1971?

Witness: Yes. I planned to kill Mir Kashem and attacked on Sallah Uddin Quder Chowdhury and Wahidul Alam but failed.

Defence: Where did you get arms?

Witness: I had no arms basically I was a co-fighter.

Defence: How many days you were at Kalurghat with Bangali Freedom fighter.

Witness: 6 days.

Defence: Kalurghat Bridge was situated over the Karnafuli River.

Witness: Yes, it was.

Defence: At that time if you wanted to go South Chittagong and Cox’s bazar you needed to cross the Karafuli Bridge.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Basically it was one-way bridge, Chittagong was situated at South and Boalkhali was at East.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: How many times did you cross the Bridge after occupying Chittagong by Pakistan Army?

Witness: After 11th April I did not go to Chittagong.

Defence: Gun boat was run at Karnafulli River from 25th march to 16th December.

Witness: I do not know whether gunboat would come after 11th April or not but before that I did not see gun boat.

Defence: The area from the west side of the Bridge to Chittagong Airport was under the same Upazilla in 1971.

Witness: No, it was not.

Defence: In 1971, Pachshail Thana was under the Chittagong Upazilla.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Whether Chittagong airport was under the Upzilla?

Witness: No.

Defence: Whether Bondor thana was under the Chittagong Upazilla?

Witness: No, It was under the Double Mooring Thana.

Defence: Whether there is any wireless station in Foujdaar Haat thana.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you get the massage in English which has been declared by Bangabandhu Sheikh Majibur Rahman.

Witness: We get the news in Bangla.

Defence: Who were the sender and receiver of the massage?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: Did you go to the Chittagong museum?

Witness: No.

Defence: In 1971, Muslim League was divided into three categories.

Witness: No, I did not know.

Defence: Convention Muslim League was headed by Fazlul Quder Chowdhury, Council Muslim League was headed by Mia Momtaj Doultana and Qaium Muslim League was headed by Khan Abdul Quium.

Witness: I do not whether Convention Muslim League was headed by the Fazlul Quder Chowdhury or not but he was a member of the Convention Muslim League.

Defence: Who was the head of the Nizami Islam?

Witness: Moulavi (religious status) Farid Ahmed.

Defence: Who was head of the PDB in 1971?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: Moulabhi Farid Uddin Ahmed was the head of PDB in Cox’s bazar?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: In Chittagong, Advocate Kamal Uddin khan was the head of Convention Muslim League and secretary was Nurul Anwar Chowdhury of Convention Muslim League.

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: Do you know whether Convention Muslim League gave any statement against the Operation Search light or not?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: That time in Pakistan, Daily Azadi and Daily azan and one Islamic Newspaper the Eastern Examiner was published.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: When did you come to Dhaka to give your statement?

Witness: When my examination-in-chief is started. I do not remember the date.

Defence: Did you get any summons?

Justice Nizamul Haq: In case of War Crime Tribunal Act, process of issuing summons is different as we need to maintain secrecy.

Defence: You did not tell it to the investigation officer that only in Dhaka 7000 people was killed that night (25th March 1971).

Witness: I can not remember

Defence: Where did you stay on 16th July, 1971?

Witness: I was started my journey to go India that day. I went to Srinagar (India) following the way of Chagolnayia, Feni.

Defence: Who guided you to go at Srinagar, India?

Witness: I stayed at the House of Abdur Haq at Chagolnayia then at the next morning he helped me to cross the border.

Defence: Did you meet with Abdur Rahim later?

Witness: No.

Defence: Did you find any people of Chittagong at Srinagar?

Witness: No.

Defence: How long a distance was it from the Chittagong Newmarket to Sagolnayia?

Witness: It might be 60 or 62 kilometres.

Defence: How long a distance was it from the Chittagong Newmarket to Ramghar via Fatikchari?

Witness: It might be 45 Kilometres.

Defence: Did you know Sayed Wahidul Alam Personally?

Witness: Before 1979 I did not know him.

Defence: He was Upazilla Chairman for two times and Parliamentarian member for two times.

Witness: I know that he was a parliamentarian member for two times but whether he was upazilla Chairman or not, I do not know.

Defence: Did you know Sallauddin Quader Chowdhury was a parliamentarian member 6 times?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you know he was nominated from Bangladesh for the Post of OIC Secretary General.

Witness: I did not know.

Defence: He was a minister at the time of Ershad Government.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: When Bhibuti climbed the tree how many people were with him at that tree?

Witness: Bhibuti did not tell it to me. 
Then the court is adjourned.

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