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10 Jul 2012: Molla 2nd witness cross exam

Cross Examination of the second prosecution witness giving evidence, Syed Shahidul Haque Mama, in the trial of Quader Molla was undertaken by the Defence lawyer Ekramul Haque. The witness's testimony was given in the morning.

Justice A.T.M. Fazle Kabir said to the witness that the Defence may ask you many questions, but you should not be upset about it and please answer them properly.
Defence: The house that you mentioned you have in Mirpur, tell me the house number.

Witness: I have clearly mentioned it in my statement. The house number is 1/b, 1/16

Defence: You said that you were a student of class seven in 1971 in Mirpur Bangla High School, how old you were that time?

Witness: I did not say that I was a student of class seven. I said I was a student of Mirpur Bangla High School. Why don’t you do the counting of my age? My date of birth is 1/10/1953 or 54.

Defence: From 1962 to till now you are living in your house in Mirpur.

Witness: No, my brother lives in the house. I live abroad with my family.

Defence: From which year you are not living there?

Witness: From 1986, when my father died I left the house and the country.

Defence: None of your family member stay in your house in Mirpur

Witness: Yes. My son and daughter, all my family stay abroad.

Defence: As you lived there for long time, most of the people must know you by your name

Witness: Yes and by this time the whole world knows me.

Defence: From where did you pass S.S.C (Secondary School Certificate)?

Witness: In 1969 I was a S.S.C candidate from Mirpur Bangla Medium High School but could not appear in the exam. I passed S.S.C in the next year from the same school.

Defence: Where did you get admitted after that and when and from where did you pass H.S.C (Higher Secondary Certificate) ?

Witness: I got admitted in TNT College. I passed H.S.C from that college in 1972.

Defence: Then where did you do your BSC or BA?

Witness: In Dhaka University in 1973 as a student of Department of General History.

Defence: Were you staying in the hall as a residential student or you were staying in your house?

Witness: I stayed both in hall and in my house. I was a residential student of Mohsin Hall.

Defence: Tofaiel Ahmed was the G.S. of Mohsin hall.

Witness: No. Probably Miah Mostofa Ahmed from JASOD (Jatiyo Shamajtantrik Dal) party was the V.P. that time.

Defence: When did you complete your honours?

Witness: I could not complete my honours because of political rivalry.

Defence: What was the duration of the course?

Witness: 3 years.

Defence: Did you join anywhere after that?

Witness: Yes. I joined Bangladesh Biman in 1976.

Defence: How long did you work there?

Witness: Till 1986.

Defence: After 1986, you have started living abroad with you family

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Have you come to Bangladesh with Swedish Passport?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: When did you come to Bangladesh this time?

Witness: Probably on 26 January, 2012.

Defence: Have you come alone?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: The house you mentioned in Awlad Hossain Lane, do you still have it? Where are you living after coming to Bangladesh?

Witness: Yes, we still have that house. I am living in Rupnagar in my own apartment.

Defence: When you came to Bangladesh, have you met with your relatives and neighbours?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: When you were living in Mirpur, what was the proportion of Bangali and Bihari in that area that time?

Witness: 90% of people was Bihari and 10% was Bangali.

Defence: In 1969 to 1970 there were several political parties in Pakistan and Awami League was one the biggest parties. The other parties were – Jamat-e-Islami, Convention Muslim League, NAP (Vashani), NAP (Mojaffar), Communist party etc. right?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: The political party of the Bihari called ‘Anjumane Mohajin’ was established in 1970.

Witness: I did not say that and I don’t know when it was established.

Defence: My Lord, I am very sick today and for me it is difficult to proceed now.

Witness: My Lord, I object the fact that Jamat-e-Islami was the second biggest political party of that time. I did not fight to leave the country, my homeland, the country of my dream but i was bound to leave my country.

Justice A.T.M. Fazle Kabir : No, Ekramul Haque did not say that. He just named the political parties.

Witness: Then its ok.

Justice A.T.M. Fazle Kabir: As Prosecutor Witness 2 (Syed Shahidul Haque Mama) and Defence lawyer Ekramul Haque both are sick, the court is adjourned here today. The next hearing will be tomorrow morning at 10:30am.

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