Friday, July 27, 2012

9 Jul 2012: Nizami adjournment

After the cross examination in the Chowdhury case, Tajul Islam came to the dais and prayed for the adjournment of the Matiur Rahman Nizami’s case as he has been sent to the Chittagong court for appearing in the 10 truck arm’s case. He also asked for one month's preparation time before having to submit the names of the witnesses. The chairman said that the  opening statement should be given and then the tribunal may give time. Islam says that the opening statement should note be given in his absence.

Order Given by the Justice Nizam (summary)
Accused Matiur Rahman Nizami has not been produced before the Tribunal today; he has been in Chittagong fro appearing another case. Today is fixed for opening statement.

Tajul Islam filing an application and submitted that hey are not prepared to submit defence list of witness and other defence materials. Moreover, since Matiur Rahman Nizami is absence today so the stating of opening statement should not be started, Opening statement should be deliver in presence of him.

That is the reason they submit an application before the tribunal for adjournment.

We inclined to adjourn this matter today; we will hear the opening statement on 15.07.2012. The defence is directed to submit list of defence witness and defence materials on 22. 07. 12.
Thus the court is adjourned for the day.

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