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7 Jun 2012: Chowdury 4th witness cross exam

After the matter relating to the Sayedee case was dealt with, Ahsanul Haq Hena one of the defence counsels came to the dais and started cross-examination of the witness, Gourango Singha. His evidence was given on 5 June
Defence: Did you ever go to Rangamati from Chittagong by road?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Kundeswary was situated at left side on the way of going to Rangamati.

Witness: I went for only but did not go in front of the Kundeswary.

Defence: Did you go Unshattar para, Jagatmallo para, Sultan pur, Biswas para, Kundeswary?

Witness: No, I did not go.

Defence: Bhibuti said, “after seeing Pakistan Army truck and jip and having found no way to flee, I climbed at a large tree” Is this statement said by Bhibuti to you?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you know how long Bhibuti studied?

Witness: No, I did not know.

Defence: What did he do in 1971?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: Did you study military science in Intermediate (Higher Secondary Certificate)?

Witness: No.

Defence: When did you go to UAE?

Witness: May be in 1993.

Defence: Did you have any passport?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: In “profession column” of your passport what was written?

Witness: Private Business.

Defence: Whether there was any information in the ministry of information of that country about your journalism?

Witness: No, there was no information.

Defence: Basically you were not a journalist.

Witness: It is not true.

Defence: One side of Madhuraghat was Hathajari Thana and another side was Rawjaan Thana.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Madhuraghat was under the possession of 8 no. East Bengal Regiment.

Witness: No, it was under the one company of the Regiment and others.

Defence: You were not there that time.

Witness: Yes, I was not there.

Defence: Pakistan Army crossed the Madhuraghat on that way on 14th April.

Witness: It was 13th April.

Defence: Lieutenant Mahfuz and others went to Ramghar through Kaptai.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Was there any garrison of Pakistan Army at Kaptai?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: Was there any garrison of Pakistan Army at Rangamati?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: When did they go to Ramghar.

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: In which side of Engineering College was Unsattar para situated?

Witness: It was on the west side but distance is not known to me.

Defence: How long a distance was Kundeswary from that place?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: After the liberation war also you never went to Chittagong to Rangamati.

Witness: No, I never went

Defence: You were arrested by the Pakistan from the Avoymitro road.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Two Chakma girls complained against you that was the reason they arrested you.
Witness: Yes.

Defence: Then you have talked with the Army person in Urdu language very fluently.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: After that they released you.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: When did you go to India.

Witness: I started my journey on 16th but when I reached I could not remember.

Defence: Tripura Government gave permission if anyone went to India. Did you get permission then?

Witness: No because whether that permission was necessary or not, I did not know.

Defence: Did you get any papers as refugee from the Bangladesh Government.

Witness: No because I was not a refugee, I went there for taking training.

Defence: Where did you take preparation?

Witness: Paradanga training institution at Tripura, India.

Defence: You did not know any person whose name was Karim?

Witness: It is not true.

Defence: It is not true that you have met with captain Karim at Boipara village in Rawjaan, Chittagong.

Witness: It is not true.

Defence: Basically, Mr. Karim had died and that is the reason you are saying this by using his reference.

Witness: It is not true.

Defence: Did you know Mr. Sheikh Mujaffar?

Witness: Yes but not very much.

Defence: Did you know his daughters and sons?

Witness: I did not know them that time but now I know Mr. Kurshed Anwar.

Defence: Officer-in-charge of the Kutwali Thana handed over Kurshed Alam to the Pakistan Army and then on 16th December he was released.

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: What you have said about Mr. Mujaffar is fully taught to you by the Investigation officer?

Witness: It is not true.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Your bosom friend Mahfuzur Rahman met with you during the Liberation War?

Witness: No, I have communicated with him 1985, 1986.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Did you tell him about the incident of Jogattmollo para, Kundeswary, Unosattar Para, to Mr. Muzaffar?

Witness: No, I did not.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Did you write about Bhibuti in your book?

Witness: No, I did not write because newspaper authority is refuge to accept this document.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: From whom you have learned Urdu?

Witness: From my friends I have learned it.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Do you know Nur Muhammad Bangali and Iyub Bangali?

Witness: I know Nur Muhammad Bangali but not Iyub Bangali.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Is he your relative?

Witness: No.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: What is his certificate and passport name?

Witness: Shirajul Islam.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: That means Bangali is not written anywhere?

Witness: No.

Zead-la-malum: My lord, it is nothing but judicial torture upon the witness. He is asking question irrelevantly.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Whether I am asking irrelevant question or not should not be decided by you. I am bound to answer only towards the Tribunal member not to you.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: You have said that you were coming from India to Bangladesh through subroom. If you want to go Chittagong from Ramghar you need to come through Fatikchori or Mirershorai?

Witness: Yes.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Khagrachori is adjacent to Ramghar.

Witness: Ramghar is a part of Khagrachori.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: You have said “You have met with Bibhuti in a place which name is Kumari”

Witness: Yes.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: At that place there was Mr. Mirja Abul Mansur (M.P) and his family also.

Witness: He was there but I did not meet with his family.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Did you show the place Kumari to the Investigation Officer?

Witness: No.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Whether Bhibuti was in your group or not?

Witness: No, he is not in my group; there were 6 or 7 groups.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: There was professor Mitro also?

Witness: Yes.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Is professor Mitro alive?

Witness: I do not know.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Would please tell us “Kumari” was situated under which Thana of the Khagrachori?

Witness: I do not know

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Did you report about these incidents which you have heard in any Police station?

Witness: No.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: Did you want to ambush Pakistan Army in some places?

Witness: No.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: In your book you did not mention about the incident of Salah Uddin Quder Chowdhury, Jogatmollo para, Kundeswary, Muzaffar, Unsattar Para, Bhibuti?

Witness: Yes, I did not mention.

Ahsanul-Haq-Hena: You did not also mention about Md. Salimullah (the second prosecution witness) in your book?

Witness: Yes, I did not mention.

Then the court is adjourned.

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