Monday, July 23, 2012

5 Jul 2012: Mujahid indictment review delay

Tribunal Two

The day had been set for the defense to argue their review application relating to the charge framing application against Mujahid.

Please note that between 25 April (when the case was moved to Tribunal two), and 5 July (defence application to review the order of indictment) no detailed notes of proceedings are available. However the key orders/applications involving tribunal two in this period (and tribunal one before) are set out below.

- Prosecution application for charge framing (in tribunal 1)
- Defence response (in tribunal 1)
- Tribunal order to transfer case to tribunal 2
- Tribunal order of Indictment

Munsi Ahsan Kabir, the defense counsel said that his senior Mr. Abdur Razzaq, who was principally going to be involved in making the argument, is now out of country for personal reason. He will return on Monday next. We’ve already informed the prosecutor. This is the desire of the client as well as senior (Mr. Abdur Razzaq) himself that he will participate in this hearing.

After some argument, the Tribunal fixed 09/7/12 as next date for application hearing.

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