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24 Jun 2012: Sayedee IO cross exam day 24

After the Azam trial adjournment application was dealt with, the tribunal then continued with the cross examination of Sayedee's investigation officer, Helal Uddin, which was undertaken by Mizanul Islam - carrying on from 20 June
Defence: You have submitted the material exhibit no, 12 and 13. Whether you have captured the photographs included therein by going to the spot of incident or elsewhere?

Witness: I have captured those photographs by visiting the spots.

Defence: What do you mean by P.O.-5 of the material exhibit no- 13?

Witness: It is the Pirojpur Hospital and the bank of Boleshwor River.

Defence: You have provided the Sketch Map as Mark-1,which shows P.O. as only as a Hospital.

Witness: Mark-1 has provided P.O.-4 as the bank of Boleshwor River. And Mark-1 has also provided P.O.-5 as the Hospital. There are 23 photographs of 18 places of incidents.

Defence: What is the distance between Pirojpur Sadar Hospital and the Boleshwari River?

Witness: It is almost one and half kilometer west.

Defence: Whether there is any mention of the date taken on the movie files of the material exhibit- 12 and 13?

Witness: No. There are 4 movie files in the material exhibit no- 12. All of these files contain 22-2-2012 as the modified date and time is- 08:41:10 P.M. There are three images on the material exhibit-12. The first image contains 01-04-2010 as the date taken; whereas the second and third one contains the date 22-9-2010 and the date 22-9-1-2010 as the date taken.

Defence: What is the places shown in the P.O.-6 of the material exhibit-12?

Witness: It is the Parerhat Bondor Bazar. There are 9 images and one video. The modified date of the Video is 22-02-2012. The Video contains some parts of the bazaar, not the entire place.

Defence: What is about the first image?

Witness: This is an image; which has been mentioned as taken on- 06-04-2011 and modified date is- 06-05-2011. There is a mentioning over the first image that- “Shop of Modon Saha.” This is a structure of two storied building. The first floor is build upon the wall of ground floor.

Defence: What about the next image?

Witness: The image contains a title “Pach Tohobil”; I have written up the title over the image. The date taken is: 06-04-2011 and date modified is 06-04-2011. The next image is mentioned as “Parerhat-1”; it is a photograph of a shop. There is a wooden door in this shop. The shop is presently owned by Nasir Uddin; father- late Sultan Talukdar.

Defence: What about the next image?

Witness: This is the part of an image of Parerhat Bazar; which is mentioned as “Parerhat-2”.

Defence: What about the P.O.-7?

Witness: It is about the house of Selim Khan and Manik Poshari and the place of murder of Ibrahim Kutti. This P.O. contains a video file also. The video has been started from Selim Khan’s house; then the following places, Sheikh Hasina Academy, Late Roiz Uddin Poshari’s house; late freedom fighter Amjad Hossain’s house, Manik Poshari’s home; the hose of Altaf and Wajed; road, bridge, the place of killing of Ibrahim Kutti, Parerhat Police Station river bank; Parerhat pond and Kocha River. The video has been captured on 18-8-2010 at between 09:55 A.M. to 10:25 A.M. and on 06-04-2011 at 15:15 P.M. to 19:00 P.M.

Defence: Who captured the video?

Witness: It has not been mentioned in my note, so I can’t recall.

Defence: Whether you have created this movie file by editing several video clippings or from a single capture.

Witness: By editing several clippings.

Defence: Whether you have edited it from 5 several video clippings?

Witness: It is not mentioned in my note, so I can’t recall.

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