Saturday, July 28, 2012

10 Jul 2012: Sayedee food book applications

The hearing started with defence submitting the names of the books to be supplied to Sayedee who is staying at the Hospital. 
The Chairman asked for the list of the books and the defence submitted that the Holy Quran, Hadis and the Biography of the prophet are to be supplied. Justice reminded the defence that at one time no more than three books can be allowed. The defence counsel Tajul Islam asked, what happens after reading these books. Justice asked then you have to make a further application.

Then the Justice asked Mr. Tajul to mention the next application. Mr. Tajul said that the food which is being supplied by the Hospital authority is not suitable for the accused person. Haidar Ali, the prosecutor contended that there are doctors to ascertain which food os suitable and which is not. Then the Justice mentioned that the defence had not approached the IG of prisons yet about the food matter. The Justice then said that the tribunal would impose certain condition similar to those in the order of Gholam Azam’s home cooked food matter if an application was made.

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