Friday, July 6, 2012

4 June 2012: Mobarek bail application

At first, Advocate SM Shajahan appeared before the court on behalf of Mr. Mobarak Hossain who has applied for a bail petition, who is right now in Jail Custody.

Justice Nizamul Huq passed the following order (summary)
Mr. SM Shajahan appearing for Mr. Mobarak Hossain has filed this application for the matter of bail petition. It appears that a case has been filed against the petitioner at Brahmonbaria- holding GR case No- 345 of 2005. The same Mobarak Hossain is in now jail custody. It further appears that before he surrenders the GR Case has been transferred to the Magistrate Court. It further appears that- the case has been transferred to this tribunal afterwards by an order dated- 19-10-2011 by cancelling his bail petition. Mr. Zead Al Malum has submitted that- many cases have been transferred by the Magistrates as they mentioned it involves International Crimes, which are right now pending.

In the first instance we can call for the records from the investigation agency. As such the Chief Prosecutor is directed to collect the reports and records from the Investigation Agency to submit that before the tribunal. This report and record are to be submitted to be within 12-6-2012. On perusal of the report we will pass an order. And this is recorded to be a misc. case.

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