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4 June 2012: Chowdhury 4th witness Singha

The case of Salauddin Quader Chowdhury was the first item in the list.

Ahsanul Haque, the Defence Counsel told the the tribunal that the defense doesn’t have the legible copies of some papers, and they have issued a letter about that, but as the cross examination of Siru Bangali is continuing he asks whether the opening of a new witness's examination should be delayed.

Justice Nizamul Huq: Your prayer is rejected. The Chief and Cross examination of the new witness will continue.

Ahsanul Haque: In that case we have a prayer; the Chief Examination might take place today, but we would not like to start Cross examination today, as we’re not prepared for that all in a sudden.

Justice Nizamul Huq: Let us fix that later on.

Zead Al Malum then began the examination in chief of the witness, Gourango Singha, the forth witness  (The previous hearing in the tribal involved the cross examination of the third witness which is not yet concluded)
Prosecutor: What is you name?

Witness: My name is Gourango Singha, aged 73 years, by profession, a peasant.

Prosecution: How old were you in 1971.

Witness: I was about 32 to 33 years old on that time.

Prosecution: Where did you reside in 1971?

Witness: Then I was at my house. My house is situated in Kundeshwari; village, Gohira under Rawjan Police Station of Chittagong district.

Prosecution: Who was living with you at your house?

Witness: We were a joint family. My father Darika Mohon Singha, My Paternal Uncle- Nilambar Singha and Notun Chandra Singha were living with all of the family members at 1971. I was assigned to work with my uncle Notun Chandra and looking after the household affairs.

Prosecution: Mention the names of the organizations owned by Notun Chandra Singha.

Witness: Kundeshwari Medicine Centre (Kundeshwari Oushodhaloy), a girls’ primary school, girls’ college and agricultural farms.

Prosecution: Did he do anything else other than getting involved with these organizations?

Witness: Yes he was involved with social works.

Prosecution: At the time of liberation war; where did you reside?

Witness: I was then at our house. On 30th Choitro [date of Bangla month], we were 6 in our house. My uncle Notun Chandra was also there. For his safety we have once planned to shift him from the house. I can’t say what would be the English date on 30th Choitro. When I was talking with my uncle, suddenly we have observed a Military transport is coming forward to our house, it was about 9 A.M. After the transport stopped at our house Mr. Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, some Bangali companions along with Panjabi military got out from the transport. Among the Bangali companions I can recognize one named, Mahabub.

Prosecution: What did you do then?

Witness: Then me along with Monoronjon Singha, Himangshu Boiddo fled towards the bush at the southern side of the house. Other two Brojhori Kormokar and Gopal Das started moving to the upstairs of the Building.

Prosecution: Then

Witness: Mr. Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, some Bangali companions along with Panjabi military had a conversation with my uncle. When sitting at the bush we get to know by the sound of the transport tha the outsiders have left. But just within 10 minutes, by hearing the sound of the transport, again we get to understand that the team had returned.

Prosecution: Then.

Witness: Then, maybe it was the shots from Sten-gun, we have heard the sound of sten gun. Then we have realized that it would not be safe to stay at the place, so we have moved forward to the south part of the house. There was a Muslim house at the eastern part of our house. We took asylum on that house, and sent our reliable Mr. Ahmed Boshor to find out about the condition of our house. He had returned with the news that my uncle was no more; his soulless body was lain in front of the premises of the Mondir with blood. Then we covered him bringing out a tarpaulin from the Mondir. Afterwards we have left the place. Monoronjon Singha, Himangshu Boiddo, Vaskor Borua and Ahmed Bosor were with me assisting the covering up of the corpse. When covering up the corpse noticed the corpse has been injured with bullet on the left side of its face and the left side of the chest. Afterwards, we have moved towards the south. I went to my father in laws house at Binajuri.

Prosecution: Did you stay at that house?

Witness: No. By following the pathway of Ramgor; I have left towards India the next day.

Prosecution: When have you returned to the country after the liberation?

Witness: We have returned after 8 to 10 days.

Prosecution: Who else returned with you?

Witness: Me, Profullo Chandra Singha and Shotto Ronjon Singha. Other members of the family were still staying there at India, as we were ignorant about the condition of the area.
Prosecution: Who did you meet after the return?

Witness: Mr. Brojhori Kormokar and Gopal Das had come to visit us one day after our return. From Brojhori we came to know that on the very day of the occurrence, he was there at the upstairs of the building with Gopal Das. From there they have watched Mr. Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, some Bangali companions along with Panjabi military arrived and after some conversation with uncle they have left and after sometimes the team returned and dragged uncle from the Mondir and the Panjabi Military had started BrushFiring and within 2 minutes Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury had shot my uncle. From Brojhori Kormokar we also came to know that the corpse was left there for more than 2 or 3 days on the same place. Afterwards the Chairman of our locality, Mr. Amanot Kha has came to our house and called people from the Borua Para and other area to arrange the funeral for my uncle.

Prosecution: Whether any case has been filed for the killing of your uncle, after the liberation war?

Witness: Mr. Shotto Ronjon Singha has filed a case at Rawjan Police Station. I don’t know anything about the update of the case. And no one other than me and Profullo Chandra Singha are alive now.

Prosecution: Whether the Investigation Officer has recorded your statement?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: Whether Mr. Salahuddin Quader Cowdhury is present today.

Witness: Yes.
Justice Nizamul Huq: Mr. Ahsanul Haque; just start your cross examination with only one question; you need not have to go forward for other questions for the cross examination today. But we will not allow such types of prayer in future dates.
Defence: There is no other present except the accused Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury in the Accused Box.

Witness: Yes.

Justice Nizamul Huq: This case is adjourned till 6th June, 2012.

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