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6 Dec 2012: Molla 5th defense witness cross day 2

Following the previous day's hearing, the tribunal started with the prosecution Md. Ali continuing his cross examination of the fifth defence witness Altaf Uddin Molla
Prosecution: Shafiuddin Molla is your eldest brother among of you.

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: Then Samsunnahar?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: Then Rashida Begum Anu?

Witness: Yes then me.

Prosecution: Then Monju Ara Begum?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: Then Nasir Uddin and youngest Sharif uddin Molla

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: How many siblings you have in total?

Witness: In total 9, among of them 2 sibling had been dead. My elder brother Almas Uddin had been dead and another elder sister who was elder Rashida Begum had been dead. I am 6th.

Prosecution: You have written a book regarding freedom fight in 2012.

Witness: In 2011 December my book “Mirpurer Muktijuddho” (freedom fight of Mirpur). My friend published that. Such script has been written 5 years earlier; due to my wife sickness publication wasn’t possible for me.

Prosecution: When you have completed your SSC?

Witness: In 1980, I failed, then after I had gone abroad and when came back to country probably in 1998 SSC have completed then I studied BA class but have not passed BA.

Prosecution: Where is Mirpur Botanical Garden?

Witness: Mirpur Botanical Garden is some part under Chatbari Mouja and some part is Agundia Mouja.

Prosecution: You illegally possessed a land; regarding this a GD has been initiated to Shah Ali police station case no.54/3GD date on 10/10/2012.

Witness: It is not true; it is false accusation against me. I did not illegally occupy this land; we sold this land to a teacher.

Prosecution: You are accused another case which was initiated by local Alam to Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Court, CR CASE NO.601/2012.

Witness: I don’t know yet.

Prosecution: What was your position during former Ershad rulings?

Witness: I was a chairman of Zubodol of 2no.ward under whole Mirpur area.

Prosecution: When you were in that position, then you were collected money from various people illegally, you have no legal profession.

Witness: It is not true because that time I came back from abroad and our financial condition is well.

Prosecution: You have an Uncle Motiur Rahman, what is his occupation?

Witness: He is a teacher of Primary School, he is my father’s cousin brother.

Prosecution: Another Motiur Rahman is in your family.

Witness: Yes he is Motiur Rahman Molla, he is also my uncle, and he is also my father’s cousin brother.

Prosecution: You have collected money from other people illegally so that your brother Shafiuddin and such uncles and seniors of your family threw you from the house. Now you live in another place.

Witness: It is not true; there was no road for going to my house except Army cantonment road. I had problem to use that road because of political reason that’s why I lived in Pollobi by a rental house.

Prosecution: When you had done Politics in Jubodol then you had attacked your elder brother Shafiuddin Molla and Uncle Motiur Rahman Molla by throwing a bomb when they were get on Rickshaw.

Witness: It is not true.

Prosecution: What is your wife’s name?

Witness: Ferdousi Begum.

Prosecution: Your wife was married before you were married to each other.

Witness: It is not true.

Prosecution: I have suggested that, your wife had a husband before you, who lived in abroad that’s why you contact with her and you both were getting married by escaping.

Witness: It is not true.

Prosecution: Your wife has one son and one daughter by her 1st husband.

Witness: It is not true.

Prosecution: Your cousin brother Obaidullah also related to BNP politics.

Witness: It is not true.

Prosecution: I have suggested that on 24th April in 1971, occurred incident of Alubodi at that time no civilian was with Pakistan Armies, this is false. You state lie due to technical reason.

Witness: It is not true.

Prosecution: After that incident, you had heard such incident and you knew that, Abdul Quader Molla was present with Pakistan soldiers and he also killed to general public by Rifle.

Witness: It is not true.

Prosecution: You made false statement that freedom fighter Amir Hossain Molla had gone to war 8/10 days before such incident.

Witness: It is not true.

Prosecution: Is Nobiullah Molla alive?

Witness: He was become martyr on 24th April in 1971.

Prosecution: That day at late night when Pakistan soldiers had stayed at Turag River. Then after your uncle Nobiullah did not send your brother to Sharulia and he had not reached to Sharulia at the time of Fazar Azan.

Witness: It is not true.

Prosecution: In 2001 BNP- Jamaet were united in Govt. and due to this reason you have made personal relation with Abdul Quader Molla.

Witness: It is not true.

Prosecution: You have make turmoil altogether against Govt.

Witness: It is not true. We are directing our activities from our own position in the field level.

Prosecution: I have suggested that you made false witness for saving the central leader Abdul Quader Molla of Jamaet Islami by advice of Jamaet Islami and BNP.

Witness: It is not true.
Cross examination was completed

The defence counsel said that their sixth witness was not present and sought adjournment. The tribunal said that if they bring the witness on 9th December it will be allowed. The tribunal also said that closing arguments will take place on 10 December.

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