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13 Aug 2012: Mollah 8th prosecution witness

After the cross examination of the 7th witness in the case of Mollah, the examination in chief of the 8th witness took place.

Prosecutor, Mohammad Ali, told the tribunal that prosecution witness number 8, Nurjahan Begum was available

Defence: We were not supplied her name even yesterday, my Lord.

The witness took oath.
Prosecutor: Say your name.  
Witness: My name is Nurjahan Begum.  
Prosecutor: What is your husband’s name?  
Witness: Nabi Hossen Bulu.  
Prosecutor: How old were you at the time of Liberation War?  
Witness: 13 years’ old.  
Prosecutor: Did you have children then?  
Witness: Then I was pregnant.  
Prosecutor: On which date the occurrence occurred regarding which you have come to give witness?  
Witness: On 25th November.  
Prosecutor: What is the name of your husband’s village?  
Witness: Then I lived at Ghatarchar village along with my husband. After the prayer of Fazr, the firing started at that day. After hearing the sound of firing, I and my husband hid under the bed. After a few time, the sound of firing stopped.  
Prosecutor: Then what did you do?  
Witness: After the firing was stopped, we got out and tried to see what is happening. Then saw the soldiers were coming towards the houses across the paddy field. After that, my husband went to my uncle in law’s house. After reaching there, again the sound of firing started. Then I started to enter my room once and exit again. After a while, my aunt (mami) came and told to my mother in law that, “Oh, Bulu’s mother, Bulu’s mother! Your Bulu is no longer alive!”  
Prosecutor: What did you do then?  
Witness: After hearing this, I shouted and started to my uncle in law’s house. Reaching there, I saw that my uncle in law was shot. I saw some soldiers and a short and dark faced Bengali man. I saw my husband falling on the ground. I ran towards my husband, shouting. Then that black Bengali man, who targeted a thing like rifle towards me, asked me to leave that place. I ran to the room in fear.  
Prosecutor: [unclear question]?  
Witness: Then, after 10.30 or 11.00 am, I picked up my husband from ground.  
Prosecutor: Who were present then?  
Witness: Then I noticed soil in my husband’s face and forehead. I saw blood in his chest while touching by hand.  Then I shouted and called for help. After that, my husband was taken to my house with the help of 5/6 persons. 
Prosecutor: Approximately how many people died at Ghatarchar village?  
Witness: About 50/60 people.  
Prosecutor: Who were the assistants of Pakistani Army?  
Witness: Joynal doctor and Mukhter Hossain were involved in that incident. I heard from my father-in-law that a man named Quader Mollah killed my husband.  
Prosecutor: From whom did you hear else?  
Witness: Besides my father-in-law, I heard this from Majid Palwan of our village also.  
Prosecutor: Can you identify the short and black Bengali man?  
Witness: That is he (indicated to the dock)… he had no beard then, his hair was short. 
Prosecutor: That’s all my Lord.

Now, the learned defense counsel will cross examine you. You will answer his questions after listening and understanding them.

Defense Counsel Tajul Islam prayed reasonable time because this witness has been called suddenly.

Prosecutor objected adjournment, because in that case there is prediction of unknown difficulties.
Defence: Where is your father’s home?  
Witness: At Ghatarchar village. My marriage happened with my cousin.  
Defence: Did you take education?  
Witness: I did not take education, did not go to school. I read Quran. 
The tribunal fixed the next date for further cross examination on 26th August.

Defense Counsel Tajul Islam prayed time to consult with the accused. The Tribunal permitted 10 minutes.

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