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5 Dec 2012: Mollah 5th defense witness

At the end of the morning session, the defense Council Abdus Sobhan Torafdar began asking questions to the fifth defence witness Altaf Uddin Molla (following on from the evidence of the forth defense witness and previous adjournment hearing)
Defence: Your name and address please?

Witness: My name is Altaf Uddin Molla, Son of late Habibullah Molla Ali. Address- Alubdi, Police Station-Pollobi, Dhaka.

Defence: Your age?

Witness: 52 years.

Defence: You know Abdul Quader Molla from when?

Witness: In 1996, when Awamileague and Jamaet Islami had turmoil the claim of care taker Govt. through newspapers.

Defence: You physically met when?

Witness: When “4 party alliance” was constituted then many meeting and I saw him on TV and press club.

Defence: What was your age in 1970?

Witness: In 1970’s election I was 12 years old. Our entire village had done Awami league, I also took part many different meetings.

Defence: Who was Candidate of election that time?

Witness: Advocate Johir Uddin for national election and Dr.Mosharof Hossain of Pradeshik Porishod, they nominated by Awami league. Probably Ataur Rahman khan was candidate of plough mark. In our area, Jamaet Islami’s no meeting was held.

D.C: can you share your experience in 1971?

Witness: In 1971, in our village terrible incidents were held. At first, on 25th March at night i.e. 26th March, by lead of Akhter Gunda, Doma, Gul, Md.Khan 4 or 5 thousands Biharis had attacked on Alubdi. My uncle former union Chairman Harun Rashid Molla gave lead to defend the attack and forced them to go back to 12 no. Bihari Colony. Then they did not go back they attacked on Digun, Chakuli, and Duaripara villages. In addition to this they forced Bengalis to leave the country. Some people took shelter at Birulia Union.

Then one day Pakistani soldiers had shot on Alubdi village and helicopter was roaming over Alubdi Village. Then many people felt insecure and left the village. We also took shelter my uncle’s house at Sarulia 3/4 days later, we decided we back to Alubdi because that season of picking rice. Some rice picking took place at Sarulia and some Alubdi. That time I and my cousin brother Obaidullah had guard of Sharulia’s rice fields. That time a Helicopter was roaming very closely to Sharulia and few times later very harsh sound of ammunition had come from Alubdi village. We and many also people woke up and started crying for those who lived in Alubdi. Probably on 24th April in 1971 ammunition continued late into night to morning at 7am or 8am. Pakistan Armies had entered to Alubdi from three sides and killed people. Such killing continued to till 2pm.

After 2 pm, Biharies had come and loot our house.

Defence: Can you say who was with Pakistan Armies?

Witness: No civilian were with them. Biharies had come but their motive was actually for looting. (To Court) In such incident 360/370 people were killed.

Defence: How many siblings you have.

Witness: We are 4 brothers and 3 sisters. They are Sofiuddin Molla, then I, then Nasir Uddin Molla and Sorifuddin Molla and my mom is alive.

Defence: How far away from your house is Duaripara?

Witness: 1KM away in south west direction.

Defence: Had you recognized Amir Hossain Molla of Duaripara.

Witness: Yes as a neighbor.

Defence: Sofiuddin Molla and Amir Hossain Molla were made prosecution witness in this case. Do you know that?

Witness: I heard that they had become witness on behalf of prosecution on seeing TV and newspapers.

Defence: When such incident occurred then where Amir Hossain Molla was?

Witness: Before the incident he had gone to India for training the freedom fight.

Defence: How many days before, can you say that?

Witness: Probably 8/10 days before.

Defence: When such incident occurred then where Shafiuddin Molla was?

Witness: My elder brother Shafiuddin Molla was at Alubdi village before the incident night. That day at late night when Pakistan Armies had stayed at Turag River. Then after my uncle Nobiullah send my brother to Sharulia and he had reached to Sharulia at the time of Fazar Azan.

Defence: Do you know Amir Hossain Molla have houses?

Witness: Amir Hossain Molla has 2 houses. One beside the Duaripara Mashjid and another one Pollobi.

Defence: How many children your uncle Nobiullah Molla has?

Witness: 4 sons and 2 daughters they all are alive and my uncle also alive.

Defence: Can you say their name?

Witness: Andesh Ali Molla, Obidullah Molla, Ainul Haque Molla and Azizul Haque Molla.

Defence: Have your cousin brothers made any case regarding your Uncle Nobiullah Molla’s death?

Witness: No.

Tribunal does not take this question because before Shofiuddin Molla mentioned that.

Defence: Have you seen the Quader Molla in such incident?

Witness: He was not there and I did not see him.

Defence: Have you heard that Quader Molla was in such incident with Pakistan Armies.

Witness: I heard that after this case is initiated. He was related to Alubdi incident and I did not hear this before this case. Not only me but also nobody of our village heard this before this case.

The cross examination then took place with Mohammad Ali asking the questions

Prosecution: Had you given vote last national election?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: Have you NID card?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: What is your birth date by NID card?

Witness: 10.4.1964

Prosecution: Now you are related to BNP group?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecution: You were leader of Jubo League Central Committee.

Witness: Yes.

Adjourn for today this case, further cross tomorrow.

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