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27 Aug 2012: Molla 9th prosecution witness, day 2

After the tribunal dealt with the contempt application, the prosecutor Mohammad Ali continued questioning the ninth prosecution witness, Amir Hossaim Molla in the case of Mollah, following on from the previous day
Prosecutor: Did any of your relatives die at the genocide of Alobdi village, Pallabi of Mirpur area, as you stated yesterday?

Witness: My total 21 relatives died. For example, my uncles (khalu) Jasim Bapary, (mama) Salim Molla, cousin Abdul Awal Molla, another uncle (mama) Karim Molla, cousin Joynal Molla, another two cousins Gajal Haque and Fazal Haque, my ‘ta’loi’ Kasem Dewan, cousin Nabi Molla and Jora Molla, Lalchan Bepary and Chunu Mia, uncles (chaha) Nawab Ali and Mokhlesur Rahman, my bhabi Eyasmin Banu and many others.

Prosecutor: What did you do after that incident?

Witness: I went to Laylapur of Assam province of India in first of June and took training for the Liberation War. After taking training there, I returned to Melaghar. Taking arms from Melaghar, I entered Bangladesh in first of August.

Prosecutor: When did our country became liberated?

Molla: On 16th December, 1971. But yet Mirpur was not liberated. In the leadership of Quader Molla, about 7/8 hundred members of Al-badar and some Panjabis came to Mirpur from the Physical Institute of Mohammadpur to gather with Biharis and flew the flag of Pakistan and they wanted to turn Bangladesh again into Pakistan.

As a result, in the leadership of wing commander Hanif bhai and assistant commander Rafikul Islam about 150 freedom fighters including Jahiruddin Babor, Moinul Haque and me attacked Mirpur Jandi Rudder camp on 18th December. Here was the camp of Quader Molla’s Al-badar bahini and Panjabis. After our attack, they re-attacked us with heavy arms. At that time, my companion and co-fighter Abdus Sattar died on the bank of Turag. And I was injured being short in the knee of my right leg and right hand. Then we moved to the backward. After that, in the leadership of high command of the Liberation War and with the assistance of Indian Mitra Bahiny, we the freedom fighters attacked Mirpur from four sides and flew the flag of liberated Bangladesh in Mirpr after defeating the Pak army and the Al-badars leaded by Quader Molla.

Prosecutor: How do you know Quader Molla?

P.W.-9 (Amir Hossain Molla): I canvassed in favor of ‘Nawka’ symble of the Awami League nominated candidate Advocate Jahiruddin in the election of 1970. Then Quader Molla canvassed in favor of ‘Daripalla’ symbol of Golam Azam. He was then the leader of Islami Chhatra Sangha.

Prosecutor: Can you identify Quader Molla in today’s Tribunal?

Witness: Yes, he is in the dock.

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