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3 Sep 2012: Mollah 9th witness cross exam, day 2

Cross Examination of the ninth prosecution witness Amir Hossain Molla continued with defence lawyer Abdus Sobahan Torofdar asking the questions (following on from the pervious day)
Defence: How far is Alokdi from your village?  
Witness: It takes 15 to 20 minutes to go Alokdi by walking from our village.  
Defence: Is the case filed by Muniruzzaman about occupying the land of Justice Ali Asgar which filed in 04-04-2012 and case no: 16 against you, now active?  
Prosecutor Mohammad Ali: We are requesting not to state the name of honorable Justice Ali Asgar.  
Defence: Are you in possession on that property?  
Witness: No. Defence: Is this property the part of property of Duaripara House Building Co-opertive Society which is a project of Commission of Atomic Energy?  
Witness: Yes and I am the president of that project.  
Justice Shahinur Islam: It is a pending case. So you should not refer this case anymore.  
Prosecutor Mohammad Ali: I want to request to defense counsel to take cross-examination in relevant matter according to sec 53(4).  
Justice Shahinur Islam: We are looking at it and you are also wasting our time.  
Defence: Has your village Duaripara been acquired?  
Witness: Yes, partly. Defence: Is it your house (showing a picture of a building)?  
Witness: No, it is building of mosque, madrasah and besides it there is grave-yard.  
Defence: Are your house, this mosque and madrasah acquired property?  
Witness: Yes.  
Defence: You are unlawful possession on the property of your house, this mosque and madrasah, am I right?  
Witness: No, there is no scope to come any question like this.  
Justice Shahinur Islam: Did you build this mosque and madrasah?  
Witness: Yes.  
Defence: Do you know that a report was published against you in Daily Inqilab and Ajker Kagoj with picture of you and also another news in Daily Juganter in heading of - “ The accused of 50 cases Lat Vai is arrested”?  
Witness: It may be. Those are the conspiracy of B.N.P and Jamaat-e-Islami and I got acquittal in all cases.  
Defence: Say the ward number of the place where you live?  
Witness: Officially it is within ward number-6 and I am the president of Awami League of that ward.  
Defence: Was you commissioner of this ward any time?  
Witness: I was appointed as commissioner of this ward as freedom fighter in the period of Ershad in 1986.  
Defence: For how many year you have been commissioner of this ward?  
Witness:1 to 2 years.  
Defence: In the date of 21-04-2001, Sabura Begum filed a GD against you that you were trying to occupy her house forcedly in showing power of a leader of B.N.P, do you know anything about it?  
Witness: I never did B.N.P and I don’t know anything about it. Defence: In last election for which party did you work? Witness: Awami League.  
Defence: Do you know that in 1996, Awami League, Jamaytee Islami and Jatio Party agitated for care-taker government against B.N.P.? 
Witness: Yes but we agitated in the banner of Awami League.  
Defence: Do you know that Jamaytee Islami participated in that election as a different party against B.N.P.?  
Witness: Yes. 
Defence: As a result Awami League won in election, is it true?  
Witness:No, Awami League won in election by the vote of people.  
Defence: By surrendering in which date did you go to jail in the case occupying the land of Justice Asgar Ali filed by Muniruzzaman ?  
Witness: Date is not in my mind.  
Justice A.T.M. Fazle Kabir: We told you earlier to be careful in referring the name of justice.  
Justice Obidul Hassan: Have you brought any copy of FIR of it?  
Defence: Yes, I brought the Photocopy.  
Defence: Was Golam Azam the candidate of Jamaytee Islami in your area in the election of 1970?  
Witness: Yes.  
Defence: Did you take 50 taka from the party of Golam Ajam for publicity?  
Witness: No. Defence: Before 1970, Alokdi and Duaripara were very backward areas, am I right?  
Witness: Yes.  
Defence: In rainy season Alokdi and Duaripara were floatedunder  water, am I right?  
Witness: Duaripara was under water from 3 sides and Alokdi from all sides.  
Defence: Was there water after rainy season?  
Witness: Water was not remained during the time of Boro paddy and remained may be 3 months. Defence: Were all members of your family involved in farming in 1970?  
Witness: Yes.

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