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15 Nov 2012: Mollah 1st defense witness, day 1

Following the previous day's order relating to the a contempt matter, the defense counsel was due to start bringing its six witnesses on this day

Advocate Tazul Islam told the tribunal that the first witness was Abdul Kader Molla, the accused. He then took an oath and his questioning started by Advocate Ekramul Haque.
Witness: My name is Abdul Quader Molla, son of late Sanaullah Molla, date of birth:2/12/1948, Place of birth: Jorifer Dangi, Union: Chor Bisnu Pur. P.S.: Sadarpur, District: Faridpur. Present Permanent address: village-Amirabad, union-Vasnchor, p.s. - sadarpur. Present Address: Flat No.-8/A, Green Valley Apartment, Plot No.493, Big Mogbazar, Dhaka- 1217. 
Education: I have completed my primary education with scholarship from Jorifer Dangi Govt. Primary School in 1958. In 1959 I took admission at Amirabad Fazlul Haque Institution. In 1964 I have completed my S.S.C with 1st division from that college. After that, probably one year and  4 months I was a teacher at Baishroshi Shib Sundori Academy. In 1969 end  of the December, I took admission MSC in physics at Dhaka University. I was a student of Dr. Muhammad Shohidullah Hall. In that time class had taken place for the whole year bite due to turmoil and political activities some classes was not held and our preliminary test was also not held on time. Our exam was held on February-March in 1971 which schedule was December. Our Practical exam’s date was probably on 12/13 march in 1971.

However, maker of independence Bangladesh Late Sheikh Muzibur Rahman announced the turmoil of non co-operation. Due to this reason exam was postponed. Then on 8th March, we went to the departmental Chairman Dr. Md. Innas Ali and we asked him when our exam will be held. Then he said to us exam taking is not possible under the circumstances of country. He said to us that University Halls are not safe for you, everyone go to your own house whether it is either Dhaka or any village. In addition to that he also said you drop your postal and telegram address to the departmental office before you all are gone because when exam will be scheduled, we can inform to all.  
Then after or on 11/12 March in 1971, I had gone to my village at Amirabad. At Amirabad, all students of University whose came to village, teachers of school altogether we had sit on the field of Amirabad High School and every day we listened the news by radio. In the mean time a retired J C O had joined to us. One week or few more times had spent by this way. On 23rd March in 1971, flag of independence Bangla had not been flown yet that time. Maximum houses had flown black flag on their terrace. Only police station headquarters had flown Pakistani flag. The other day at 12 we altogether gathered at such field by the order of JCO probably his name Mofizur Rahman. He said to us that he had given freedom fighters training from today’s afternoon. He made some model rifles by wood for this objective. He said, I suppose such political problems have not been solved. That’s why we shall be prepared from this time. That afternoon 30/40 people were altogether given his advice. He took primary exam and disqualified 1/2 people, rest of all people were selected for training and we started PT, parade from this date. For the first 3 days we did not get model rifle. After that, 20/21 model rifle had been given and we took training by this.  
We were running our training until Pakistan Armies had reached at Faridpur on 30th April/1st May. Few days our training was stopped for Pakistan Armies. Then after again started. When Pakistan Armies had come from Faridpur to Barishal the we heard a sound of explosive firing of tanks. Then we entered the school room. In the meantime one day some war plane had flown over our head very closely and we were very scared and our leader had stopped our training from that day. After that I stayed in my village and heard news by Kolkata, independent Bangla radio station and Pakistan radio at everyday.
During that time I was used to go to house of Moulovi Md. Ishaq alias Dhola Mia Pir (a preacher) and I taught his 2 daughters. His one son in law was freedom fighter and all sons of Pir had supporter of independence bangle radio station. Then Pir had given some money to me for a business started from his market’s house. Market has known as a Chouddoroshi market but it is actually Satroshi Market has known by papers. Saturday and Tuesday was the market day of such market but everyday market was held. I had gone every Saturday and Tuesday to Market and made business the whole 1971 and 1972. In 1971 I had maintained regular contact with Mr. Advocate Mosharaf Hossain who was elected from the Awami League Pradeshik Porishod in the former Sadarpur Vanga electoral area and Mr. Shajahan Talukder chairman under Sadarpur police station. Probably in 1971, November our area was relieved then I had introduction with a freedom fighter Lutful Karim of Sadarpur police station. Then after I had regular contact with them.
At 12p.m. Mr. Kader said that he was feeling sick and he wants to take rest. Tribunal says if he feels fine then again then he can start at 2 p.m.

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