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28 Aug 2012: Chowdhury 11th witness testimony

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After the tenth witness gave evidence, the eleventh prosecution witness 63 year old Mahbubul Alam in the Salleuddin Quader Chowdhury’s case was called to give evidence
Father’s name: Haji Mohammad Isahak . In 1970, I was H.S.C. (Higher Secondary Certificate) going student and now I am engaged in micro business. I have joined the Mass-Uprising of 1969 at the same time. After the general election of 1970 Banghobandhu had proclaimed the independence of Bangladesh and I am the participator of that liberation War. The mutiny has begun from then to first night of 25th to 26th March. I went to Ramghor after the Chittagong was invaded partially. In that place Tapan Kumar Chowdhury was Chatro league leader and I have met with him. Tapon Kumar Chaiowdhury took me before Major Zia for an introduction. Major Zia said to me to join training centre from next day. From that I was taken training from Bogapha at Tripura Training Centre. I was introduced with Shah Alam and so on. The training had begun after taking rest for one day.

Next afternoon I went to training centre at Bogapha, Tripura. The duration of training was 10 days . From them, only 45 freedom fighters taken and made a group which was known as ‘’City Group’’ and we were sent to Umtinagar at Tripura for further training. After finishing the training we went to at Harida Camp, which was situated under the sub control room. We have taken rest for seven days. During that time General Zia was the Sector Commander. Zia has delivered a speech before a group which was made 16 fighters and I have made commender of that sub-group. The group no. was 8 and the name of that group ‘’Barbo-Compary ‘’. He called us to come here through ‘’Oju and bath’’ after the very next day at 10 am and then he gave us a hit list. The name on the list were Slauddin Quder Chowdhury, Fazlul Quder Chowdhury, Didar Mia at Dewanbazar who was a Muslim league Leader and Sarafat Ullah in Chittagong.

The operation was continued through indicating the place. Some Arms and money had been provided to me and then sent to the way of Chittagong.

Altogether we were Fazlul Haque Vhuya, ShurendraNath Kumar, Mohammad Mohshen, Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Mohammad Jamal Uddin, Dewan Mahmud, Pronab Barua, Md.Rafiqul Islam, Md. Kasm, Eusuf Chowdhury, Md.Nasir Uddin, Ahmed Kamrul Hasan Chowdhuury, James Rojario almost 15 freedom fighters.

We have stayed at Pathar-ghata in Chittagong and then we were appointed at various sectors. We started our operation in different place of Chittagong after taking rest for some days and the main reason to do that was to inform our scared people that we have come.

We have heard that Pak soldier had killed our co-fighters and set fire and looted their valuable goods and so on near city Chittagong.

Some Bengali supported Pak Army and Salauddin Quader Chowdhury) was the leader of them. One of Sheikh Mozaffar Ahmed’s sons informed me that Pakistan army took his father with the help of SQC, when his father going to any place by car and he is missing now.

We did discuss with each other after we have heard about the complaint. We have appointed master and informer to different shelter that was so important for our operation. We recruited local young boy and training them to open grenade and threw it on target.

I have heard also that, a massacre has happened in Unsattar Para and Rawjaan. The above massacre was happened under the control of Salauddin Quder Chowdhury, Al-badar, Al-sams and razakar. The people who were the freedom fighter and the supporters of Liberation were taken to the Goods hill which was familiar as a torture cell during that time and name of SQC was very much related with the heinous activities. When the sector headquarter were informed about the torturing at ‘’Goods Hill’’, they gave pressure to me to do something. I have discussed with my co-fighters to do something and finally one of my co-fighter went to introduce me to Kazi Nurul Haque Afsar. But kazi Nurul Haq Afser also said one of his friends Aziz Uddin had told him that Mahbub Alam was a victim and tortured at Goods Hill and later he was died at the good hills. Aziz Uddin is son of Doctor Sagir Uddin. The tortured people have been taken to Dr Sagir Uddin. After eight to ten days Aziz Uddin said to me that there is good news that SQC will have to come to his house on the occasion of domestic ceremony. I ordered him to make a ‘’Rekky’’. After completing all that plan, we have started our mission before doctor Sagir Uddin house on 20 September at 6.30 pm. We (Saurendra Nath,Fazlul Haque Vhuyian) have taken the action under the drain’s slab near that house with arms. According to ours plan when Aziz Uddin focus on torch light we have seen that SQC came to doctor’s house with a car. SQC coming out from that house when he has finished the dinner and after getting Aziz Uddin’s signal we came in front of the car. Then Fazlul Haque brush fired and Saurendra Nath charged with Granade to the car and finally fired from revolver and quit that place. We heard from BBC news that driver had a spot death and SQC was serious wounded.

Prosecution: Sultan Mahmud provided his statement before the I.O.

Witness: Yes. Near Chittagong circuit house.

Prosecution: Is he present in Dock today?

Witness: Yes.
Then the court is adjourned.

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