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2 Sep 2012: Chowdhury 10th witness cross

After the first defense witness was heard, the cross examination of Nurul Afsar, the tenth witness in the trial of Salauddin Quader Chowdhury took place (to see his original testimony click here)
Defence: From when you have been leaving ‘’GOALM RAHMAN LANE’’

Witness: Since 1952/53.

Defence: What was your father’s occupation ?

Witness: It was under forest department.

Defence: Have you seen any advertisement about this matter that I. O. had gone to Chittagong to collect information about this case and made an invitation to collect information from any person who are interested to provide their witness.

Witness: No.

Defence: Have you believed in any rumour? There was a ‘’BURI’’ (old women) in the chad and she spun. Did you hear that ?

Witness: I have heard from my childhood.

Defence: Did you believe that ?

Witness: No.

Defence: Which school you have passed S.S.C. and in which year ?

Witness: Kaptai High School , 1962. H.S.C.from Rangunia College .

Defence: Your father is working there?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: There was many educational institution around your house ?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: What is the distance between Chittagong to kaptai ?

Witness: It’s about 45 miles far.

Defence: And Rangunia ?

Witness: Near 25/30 miles.

Defence: During that time Chittagong college had degree course ?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: It’s about 20/30 yards distance between Chittagong college gate and your home .
Witness: it approximately 500 yards.

Defence: You need to go your home beside Anjuman-e- betagia Mohammadia and Golam Rahman lane also.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: What is Anjuman-e-Betagia Muhammadia ?

Witness: It is a place of Darbar Sharif ( pilgrimage / holy place ) .

Defence: What did you do in the period between 1971-75 ?

Witness: I was appointed at a Tea Broker Company from 1974.

Defence: From when you have started you present Job??

Witness: It’s about 4/5 years before .

Defence: Salauddin Quader Chowdhury’s other brother Giasuddin Quder Chowdhury was elected as an M.P from Rangunia .

Witness: Yes .

Defence: From 1979. The accused is an elected MP from that parliamentary seat .

Witness: Yes.

Defence: In 1979 he was elected from two constituencies as an MP during Ersahad regime.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Is he a BNP’s Standing Committee member ?

Witness: I don’t know exactly.

Defence: You were admitted as a law’s student after liberation war.

Witness: Yes, but I did not take part in any exam.

Defence: In Chittagong there was only one law college .

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Your time of class was evening?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Barrister Salimul Haque Mollik was the principal then.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: How far was it between the college and Dr. Samir Uddin’s house?

Witness: 500 Yards.

Hena: Siraj-Ud-Daulla road is called that road which continues from Chittagong municipality to Chakbazar.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: It is a busy way.

Witness: Yes

Defence: Golam Rahman lane, Aysay Lane, all are on the left side of that road.

Witness: Yes

Defence: If you want to go to Dr. Samir Uddin’s House you have to start from ‘’GOODS HILL’’ Than you have to cross K. B. Abdul Sattar road and need to cross in front of Darul Ullum Madrasa and also Siraz-Ud-Daulla road to go at the Aysay Khatun lane.

Witness: Yes

Defence: Did you know about captain Year Ali Khan alias ‘’Pechu’’ Mia?

Witness: Yes

Defence: He was a member of Pakistan parliament during that time .

Witness: Yes

Defence: Where has he been working as a captain?

Witness: I do not know

Defence: Is he a father of late Ataur Rahman And Kaisar Ahmed ?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: How far was it from the gate of Kaisar Ahmed and Samir Uddin house’s gate from your house?

Witness: It may be 20/25 feet.

Defence: How many holding no does Dr Samir Uddin house have?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: Nila Villa is the opposite house of that house?

Witness: I do not know exactly.

Defence: What is the present colour of Samir Uddin’s house?

Witness: I do not know .

Defence: There was situated four houses before the north side of Aysay lane .

Witness: These are established in recent years but not in 1971.

Defence: Was it made during 1971 ?

Witness: In 1971 there was no building beside the drain but there was two semi–pacca buildings?

Defence: During that time there was a factory of flour in front of Aysay Khatun Lane and left side a shop of reject car ?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Was there any shop from Aysay Khatun Lane to Dr Samir house ?

Witness: There was no shop.

Defence: Was there any possibility to see Dr Samir Uddin’s house from Siraj Ud Doulla lane ?

Witness: No.

Defence: Dr Samir’s house gate is situated north side from the Aysay Khatun’s lane and the distance between his residence and gate is approximately 150 yards.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: During that time the house was three storied building.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Private car was running in that way.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: There was many cars of Year Ali.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did Dr Samir Uddin have a red car ?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: How far it was from the GOODS HILL to Samir Uddin’s house.

Witness: It is about 500/600 gajh.

Defence: Around the Goods Hill except south side there was many building ?

Witness: It is not true.

Then the court is adjourned.

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