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15 Jul 2012: Sayedee IO cross exam day 30

After dealing with the Golam Azam case in the morning, in the afternoon session the tribunal moved to continuing the cross-examination of Investigation Officer involved in the Sayedee case (previous day of cross examination can be found here)
Defence: What it is? (Indicating a picture)

Witness: It was Pakistan Army Camp. Now, it is known as Pirojpur High School.

Defence: Where was it situated?

Witness: It was situated in one corner of the House of District Commissioner.

Defence: In P.O 2: there were three pictures of the High School. Would you please tell us about others pictures?

Witness: One is the picture of Bus-stand and other 4 are the pictures of Masimpur Village that was situated behind the Bus-stand.

Defence: Masimpur is a populated area?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Whether it was also populated in 1971?

Witness: Yes, but not like now.

Defence: When did you go Masimpur for the first time and how many times you have gone there?

Witness: I have gone there two times. At first I went on 20. 09. 10 and then on 6. 04.11.

Defence: Interrogations of how many persons have been taken by you?

Witness: I have asked 5 people for the first time. They are Asis Kumar Mondol, Sumati Rani Mondol, Samar Mistri, Suresh Chandra Mondol, Advocate Gopal Chandra Mondol.

Defence: Among them how many persons are from the victim’s family?

Witness: Only Suresh Chandra Mandol was from the victim’s family.

Defence: Do you have any sketch map and picture of the House of Suresh Chandra Mondol

Witness: No, but I have the picture of his brother’s house where his brother was killed.

Defence: My question is specifically whether you have taken the picture of the victim house or not?

Witness: I did not take picture of his house separately; I have taken the whole picture of that area.

Defence: In P.O (Place of Occurrence), there is no picture of the house of Suresh Chandra Mondol and others houses besides his house also.

Witness: No.

Defence: P.O 3 indicates which area?

Witness: It is Pirojpur and Masimpur area.

Defence: Did you get the existence of the any Pirojpur area during investigation?

Witness: I can not say as it is not in my note.

Defence: Would you please tell us about the picture no. 1 of the P.O 3?

Witness: It is the killing spot of Masimpur.

Defence: Do you have any note in this regard?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Please show us.

Then I.O shows it from his document (from a book).

Defence: Please you should show us this note from the Case Diary not from your book.

Defence: 4 no. picture indicates what? The headlines of this P.O 4 it is written the name of “SDPO Faizur Rahman’s Ahamed”

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Is there any Video?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: What it is?

Witness: It is the SDPO office of BrahmanBaria.

Defence: Headlines of the P.O-16 is “Shefali Ghorami”?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Would you please tell us who owned this plot?

Witness: Madhusudan Ghorami.

Defence: Did he live at this plot during the Liberation war?

Witness: No it was discarded plot before the liberation.

Defence: Who is the owner of that House? (Mizanul Islam asking question after looking at pictures and video from the multi-media show)

Witness: Sultan Miah.

Defence: Which one is the house of Subhan Miah?

Witness: It is not in my note.

Defence: Which one is the house of Shefali Ghorami?

Witness: It was not in my note.

Defence: But you have written the headlines as the house of Shefali Ghorami. Why?

Witness: Because Shafali Ghorami is the wife of Madhusudan Ghorami, so the discarded house of Madhusudan Ghorami will be considered as discarded house of Shefali Ghorami.
Defence: In P.O 16: there are 6 pictures.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you edit this picture later on?

Witness: This picture is taken on video camera.

Defence: What is the name of Video file on P.O 17?

Witness: Azahari, Nalbunia.

Defence: Is Gowrango living at the same house now where he used to live in 1971.

Witness: No, he does not live the same house because his house where he lived in 1971 was washed away by the water in the river.

Defence: In which area did Gowrango live in 1971?

Witness: Parer Haat.

Defence: Who lived besides his house?

Witness: It is not in my note.

Defence: P.O 21, movie file no. 4, would you please tell us who the owner of that house is.

Witness: It is the house of Mr. Rawshan.

Defence: The bearded person of this picture is Rawshan Ali (indicating a picture)

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Who are the rest?

Witness: I do not know, as it is not in my note.

Defence: Did you meet with the brother of Mr. Rawshan?

Witness: Yes, I met with him but did not take his pictures.

Defence: Who is the owner of that house? (Referring to a picture)

Witness: Julfikar Ali.

Defence: Did you get any other brother of Rawshan Ali during the Investigation?

Witness: No, it is not in my note.

Defence: Owner of the house is not Julfikar Ali, basically this house was owned by Rawshan Ali.

Witness: It is not true.

Defence: Is this picture taken in presence of you?

Witness: No, I was not there.

Defence: Did you interrogate Rawshan Ali?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you record his statement?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: He was not the witness of this case?

Witness: No.

Defence: From where you come you to know that Mr. Sayedee after the Liberation War hid himself at the house of Mr. Rawshan Ali in Baghar para?

Witness: on 24. 04.11, from my sources.

Defence: House of Rawshan ali situated under which Thana?

Witness: Baghar Para.

Thus the court was adjourned.

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