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12 Jul 2012: Sayedee IO cross exam day 29

After the tribunal read out the order relating to 19(2), cross-examination of Investigation Officer in the Sayedee case continued, conducted by the defence lawyer Mizanul Islam. This continued from this day.
Defence: What is the name of the present Chairman of Umedpur?

Witness: It in not in my note.

Defence: Whose house is situated in the east side of the “A” mark house?

Witness: Whether there is any house or not, I cannot say.

Defence: How far a distance is between the houses of Anil Chandra Mondol and Harekrisno Mondol?

Witness: It is not in my note, so I cannot tell it.

Defence: Whether there is any house at the south side of the house of Anil Mondol?

Witness: Yes, there are some houses but the number of houses I cannot say.

Defence: How long a distance by road was from the house of Anil Chandra Mondol?

Witness: I cannot say as it is not in my sketch.

Defence: What is situated just opposite of the west side of the road from the A to H marked houses?

Witness: At the west side of the road, there was house of Kashem Hawlader is situated.

Defence: Did you have any idea whether there is any other houses or not?

Witness: No.

Defence: What is situated in north side of the place marked as “A”?

Witness: There is Umedpur Canel.

Defence: Whether this side is under the possession of Umedpru Hindu area or not?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: Bimol Bala daughter of Satis Bala is the resident of “F” marked house. Would you please tell us about his profession?

Witness: I have no idea about his profession.

Defence: Did you meet with him during the investigation?

Witness: I cannot say it as it is not in my record.

Defence: Did you go to his house?

Witness: I cannot say as it is not in my note.

Defence: Since you did not go to his house, so it not possible for you to say whether his mother is alive or not?

Witness: No, his mother is alive.

Defence: Did you give any notice to Bimal Bala , his mother and his father to give their deposition in presence of you?

Witness: No.

Defence: “G” marked house owned by the Jibon son of Johor Talukder was not the witness of this case.

Witness: No.

Defence: Whether his mother is alive or not?

Witness: Yes, his mother is alive.

Defence: Did you issue any notice to them for giving deposition.

Witness: No, I did not but informed them about being present in front of me.

Defence: Did you give any notice towards the people of Umedpur Hindu area to give their deposition who knows about facts of the Liberation war

Witness: I did not do it but I requested all of the persons having knowledge of liberation war to be present.

Defence: You have requested all through whom?

Witness: Through Sukhranjan Bali and Mahbubul Hawlader.

Defence: When did you go to the Umedpur for the first time.

Witness: On 20. 08. 2010.

Defence: Did you inform it to the Sukharanjan Bali and Mahbuul Alam the day when you had gone or before that?

Witness: I have said it to the Mahbubul Hawlader before that date.

Defence: When?

Witness: On 15. 08. 2010. I have told him over phone. Then after going to Umedpur on 20.08.2010, I have said it the Sukharanjan Bali to call upon all those persons who are acquainting with the facts of the Liberation war.

Defence: When did you reach there?

Witness: At 10:30am.

Defence: How long you were there?

Witness: Till 12:30pm.

Defence: Where did you stay during the investigation?

Witness: Basically, I did not stay anywhere specifically. Firstly I had gone to the house of Sukhranjan Bali and then visited each and every house of Hindu area to takes notes and sketch map.

Defence: Where did you make the sketch map?

Witness: I took the rough notes and then prepared finally at my office.

Defence: Where was the temporary office of the Investigation agency?

Witness: It was in the circuit house.

Defence: Statement of how many persons has been recorded by you at that very day?

Witness: I have asked them preliminary question and nothing had been recorded there. Basically their statement was not recorded at Umedpur village; their statement has been recorded on Tengrakgli village at that day,

Defence: How many people’s statement has been recorded at Tengrakhali Village?

Witness: Statement of Sukharanjan Bali and Mukunda Chakrabarti alias Mukim Thakur.

Defence: Where was the house of Anil Chandra Mondol situated?

Witness: At Umedpur Village.

Defence: Where did you record the statement of Anil Chandra Mondol?

Witness: On 19.08.2010 in Rajlokkhi High School.

Defence: You have exhibited on exhibit number 259 the statement of Anil Chandra Mondol which was recorded on 20. 08.12. (date has been shown after taking the document from the Tribunal chair)

There is variance of recording date of the statement of Anil Chandra Mondol between the documents in the hands of the investigation officer and the documents before the judges. Then Tribunal member said it is nothing but a mistake but defence counsels Mizanul Islam said “yes my lord, it is our duty to identify these faults”

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Your signature is exhibited on exhibit number 259/1 and the date is 20. 08.10.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: When did you reach Tengrakhali Village and how long you have stayed there?

Witness: I have stayed there from 12:45 to 16:45pm.

Defence: Did you go to any other places?

Witness: I went to different places like Parerhaat Police camp, Parer Haat Bazar.

Defence: Did you go Tengrakhali Village before 20. 08. 10.

Witness: Yes, on 19. 08. 10 I went there at 13:45pm.

Defence: How long have you stayed there?

Witness: I was there till 15:00pm.

Defence: Then where did you go?

Witness: Then I came to Razlokkho High School and I was there from 15:30 to 21:00.

Defence: In the Index no. 39 (b), Mukim Thakur father of Shekhor was indicated as death person and there is also a signature of yours.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you meet with the owner “H” marked house Harekrishno?

Witness: It is not in my note.

Defence: Did you meet with the wife of Shudangshu Talukder?

Witness: It is not in my note.

Defence: House of Anil Chandra Shorma is exhibited on Exhibit number 259, please tell us whether the house of Anil Chandra Mondol included among these 25 houses which were looted and burnt?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Is there any thing which is stated by Anil Chandra that his house is looted or burnt during the Liberation War?

Witness: No, but he said that house of the Hindu People were looted.

Defence: During 1971 whether there were any Hindu areas other than Umedpur Hindu area?

Witness: Yes, other than Umedpur Hindu area, there are other areas also.

Defence: It is exhibited in exhibit no. 25 that after looting the house of Hindu area Mr. Sayedee had taken away these looted things in his in laws house.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: In the statement of Anil Chandra Mondol, he never pronounced the name of village “Umedpur”

Witness: He said that “My home town” and it is very much clear that his permanent address is Umedpur.

Defence: Whether he pronounced any thing in his statement that “My house was looted and set on fire during the liberation war”

Witness: No.

Defence: You have stated about 19 persons in Umedpur. Would you please tell us whether the house of these 19 persons were looted or set on fire or not?

Witness: No, specifically no ones name is mentioned.

Then the defence counsels ask some questions from the multi-media video show “Ekusher Chokh” programme.

Defence: Please tell us, whether the interview of Raghunath has been taken in Ragunath’s house or not?

Witness: Basically, his interview has been taken in Manikposhari’s house. (This statement has been recorded with the objection of prosecution counsels).
Then the court was adjourned.

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