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6 Nov 2012: Sayedee prosecution closing, day 2

After dealing with the matter of Tajul Islam, the prosecution's closing arguments relating to Delwar Hossain Sayedee continued from the day before.

He read out from his written document (which is below) and then read out what the witness statements of each of the relevant witnesses had to say.

That Mr. Saif Mizananur Rahman, the then Deputy Magistrate of Pirojpur Sub Division (now District) organized Sarbo Dalio Sangram Parishad to inspire the people for participating in the War of Liberation. Knowing this fact, you declared publicity to arrest him for his pro liberation activities. On 5th May, 1971 you along with your associate Monnaf (now deceased), the member of peace committee accompanied with some members of Pakistan Army riding on a military Jeep went to Pirojpur Hospital at noon where Mr. Saif Mizanur Rahman was into hiding.

In Order to execute the pre arranged plan, one of you identified him to the Pakistan Army who picked him up from the hospital to the bank of river Baleswar. As a part of the same date and time, Mr. Abdur Razzaque (SDO in charge of Pirojpur) were also arrested from their work place and taken to the bank of the said river. You as a member of the killer party were present there and all the three civilian government officers were gunned down and their dead bodies were thrown into the river Boleswar. You directly participated and abetted in the acts of abduction and killing of those three officers, which is crimes against humanity and abatement of killing. Thus you have committed the said crimes punishable under section- 3(2)(a)(1) and 3(2)(g) of the Act.

The evidence for this charge was :
PW- 27 Saif Hafijur Rahman

Ext- Daily Janakantha, 17 July, 2010

Ext- 9, 10, 11 Bhorer Kagoj, 4th November, 2007

Ext- Mat (xi) Ekushe TV, Ekusher Chokh Ext-Mat- xii (Video and Still image)

Charge No- 6

That on 7th May, 1971 you lead a team of peace committee to receive Pakistan Army at Parerhat Bazar under Indurkani Police Station, then you identified the houses and shops of the people belonging to Awami League, Hindu Community and supporters of the Liberation War. You as one of the perpetrators raided those shops and houses and looted away valuable including 22 seers of gold and silver from the shop of Makhanlal Shaha. These acts are considered as crime of persecution on political and religious grounds as crimes against humanity. Thus you have committed the said crimes of persecution punishable under section- 3(2)(a) of the Act 
The supporting evidence was listed 
PW-1 Md. Mahbubul Alam Hawladar

PW_2 Ruhul Amin Nobin

PW-3 Md. Mizanur Rahman Talukdar

PW-4 Md. Sultan Ahmed Hawladar

PW-5 Md. Mahtab Uddin Hawladar (said in the cross examination)

PW-6 Abdul Manik Poshari

PW-8 Mostofa Hawladar

PW-9 Altaf Hawladar

PW-12 MP AKM Awal

PW-13 Gourango Chandra Shaha (said in the cross examination)

Ext-258 Abdul Latif Hawladar

Ext- 262 Ayub Ali Hawladar

Ext- 264 Ajit Kumar Shil

Ext- 40, 41 (Sketch Map & Index)

Ex- Mat (xi) Ekushe TV, Ekusher Chokh

Ext- Mat- xii (Video & Still Image)

Ext- 6,7,8 Daily Janakantha, 5th March, 2001

Ext- 12,13,157 Samakal, 10th February, 2007

Ext-9,10,11 Bhorer Kagoj 4th November, 2007

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