Thursday, March 21, 2013

10 Jan 2013: BTV and ATN contempt application

Tanvir Ahmed Al Amin submitted that ATN and BTV had committed contempt in broadcasting two programmes involving the interview of prosecution witnesses

He said that ATN broadcasted a program on 25th December 2012 which interviewed 6 prosecution witnesses and where it was reported that defence witnesses have told lies in the tribunal for money. This has seriously prejudiced the case of the Accused. BTV had broadcast a programme with one witness.

The tribunal judges that so much is written about the tribunal, including defamatory remarks about the judges.

The defense lawyer said that whilst what is written on the internet may not be able to be controlled the court could take action in relation to what is published on the daily papers and on TV.

The judges said that they couldn’t conduct the trial proceedings if they were busy taking action in relation to those issues.

The defense lawyer argued that ATN is broadcasting this  program repeatedly. The Accused is seriously prejudiced.

The tribunal against said that so many things are broadcasted. If you approach us repeatedly, it would be quite impossible for us to adjudicate the cases, which is our prime business.

The lawyer said that they are only bringing these programs to the attention of the court as they are so serious. If this is not prevented, people will question the impartiality and transparency of this tribunal. It will hamper the prestige and dignity of this Tribunal.

The tribunal said that it would pass the order on the 13th

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