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13 Nov 2012: Sayedee prosecution closing day 7

Prosecutor Haider Ali continued his closing arguments (from the previous day) which focused on exhibits.
Exhibit 1: Its statement is same with his earlier case at Pirojpur court. When PW-1 knew about this Tribunal then he lodged this before you.
Exhibit -2- is a seizure list.

Exhibit-3 is another seizure list.

Exhibit-4 is a custody letter.

Exhibit-5 is a still picture.

Exhibit-6 is a seizure list.

Exhibit-7 is a custody letter.

Exhibit-8 is a custody letter. It is a news report on 5th March 2001, the daily Jonokontho, Vol-1,page-23. There is an appeal for investigation of the incident. Minor discrepancy may be there. It supports Charges no -5,6,7,8,16 and 19.
Exhibit-9 is a seizure list.

Exhibit-10 is custody letter.

Exhibit-11 is a news report of the daily Bhorerkagoj dated 4th November 2007.

Exhibit- 12, 13, and 34 is seizure list, and the news of 10th February 2007.

Exhibit-14,15, and exhibit-46- the daily Jonokontha dated 17th July 2010. Said that PW-27, Mr. Saif Hafizur Rahman supports this facts.

Exhibit-48, the daily Azad dated 3rd February 1972.

We have exhibit- 268, Gonesh Chandra Saha’s statement. He himself also deposed in this tribunal as DW-17 by Defense. Vagirothi was at 18 years old during 1971. So how did her child became 10 years old at that time? he admitted that his statement was taken by IO? Gonesh did not claim that he saw the incidents. He lied before the court- apparent from cross examination. His statement given to IO is natural. IO may have reduced his statement but it is natural. It is our view that he lied. He was our listed witness. He was in the custody of defense, so defense produced him. His claim regarding seeing her mother’s killing is false. If we reduce his age from his mother’s age then we find his mother conceived him at the age of 4/5 years, how it is possible?
 Chairman: except his statement what other documents do you have to prove Vagirothi’s Charge against the accused? The daily azad said that the Rajakar killed her, but there is no link to connect the accused with this charge. On the available evidence can Sayedee be caught on this point?

Prosecutor said Sayedee was very active among Rajakars, he was given charge of 300 Rajakars

Chairman: he was given responsibility of 300 Rajakars, so you have to prove that someone among these 300 killed Vagirothi. Is there any link?

Prosecutor: we find that all activity of Rajakars were operated under his leadership and instruction.

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