Saturday, March 23, 2013

14 Jan 2013: Sayedee applications rejected

The Tribunal chairman discussed six applications filed by the defense lawyer in the Sayedee case
1. Application for recall of the Prosecution Witnesses (PW) No. 28 and the Defence Witness No 13 under Rule 46A of the International Crimes Tribunal Rules of Procedure, 2010.

2. An application under Rule 40 of the Rules of Procedure 2009 read with section 10(1)(h) of the International Crimes (Tribunal) Act 1973 for production of documents.

3. An application to allow the defence counsels to inspect all the Processes/summons issued to the Prosecution Witnesses.

4. An application to allow the accused petitioner to explain the charges under section 17(1) of the International Crimes (Tribunal) Act 1973 read with section 11(2) of the 1973 Act. (2nd App)

5. Application for issuance of summons upon the persons related to the Witness Safe House listed in this application and direct them to attend and testify as Defence Witnesses under section 11(a) of the 1973 Act read with Rule 48 and 46A of the Rules of Procedure

6. An application to extend time for defence summing up
The chairman said that amongst these 6 applications, 5 of them have already been disposed off earlier. The other petition praying for extension of time for defence arguments is premature as the defence has not yet started their argument. As per rule 26 (4) all the 6 applications are rejected.

Mizanul Islam, the defense lawyer argued that 3 of these are new applications, and the other 3 applications have new grounds. He said that the defense wanted to file a review and would like to have a certified copy of this order.

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