Saturday, March 23, 2013

15 Jan 2013: Sayedee lawyer contempt order

The tribunal passed its order on the contempt notice issued against three defense lawyers (summary below):
Today is fixed for passing final Order on the contempt petition against 3 defence counsels, namely Mr. Tajul Islam, Mr. Mizanul Islam and Mr. Tanvir Ahmed Al-Amin. Mr. Moudud Ahmed, the learned counsel appearing on behalf of the accused petitioner submits that all 3 lawyers are practicing lawyers of the Tribunal. Some of them are practicing from the very beginning of the constitution of the Tribunal. Mr. Moudud Ahmed further submits that by the comment of some of the counsels the Tribunal may have been heart. These contemnors have prayed for unconditional apology so that the contempt charge and the bar on Mr. Tajul Islam may be withdrawn.

Mr. Ziad Al Malum submits that by the comment of the defence counsels the dignity of the Tribunal has been lowered. It should be taken seriously but it is the discretion of the Tribunal whether to grant apology or not.

We have heard both the prosecution and defence on the contempt cases.

Accordingly concerning all aspects we are inclined to grant apology. The counsels are exonerated from the contempt charge and the bar on Mr. Tajul Islam is hereby withdrawn. But we warn Mr. Tajul Islam expecting that he will maintain decorum of the court in future.

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