Monday, November 19, 2012

29 Jul 2012: Sayedee further witness applications

Justice Nizam: Mr. Razzak your application is before us and there is no necessity for hearing your argument. Just you take your seat and hear our Order.

Abdur Razzak: My lord, we have six petitions. My lord, please hear our petitions. These are related to the applications of 19(2) witnesses.

Justice Nizam: This had been decided on Mar 29, after hearing both sides at length. We partially allow about the 46 witness statements, given to the investigation officer, as evidence. There are lots of frivolous petition. We have nothing more to do. And in case of 19(2) witness you will prove it. Then you will get the benefit.

Abdur Razzak: My lord, please hear us.

Justice Nizam: No, It is not really needed to hear you. All of the grounds of your arguments have been decided and people will be called as court witnesses only if it feels so.

Abdur Razzak: My lord, please my submissions might change your opinion. So, give me a chance if finds anything irrelevant then stop me.

Justice Nizam: It does look nice to stop Abdur Rzzak after 5 minitues.

There are six petitions, these are:

1. Defence sought for the mobile numbers of 18 staff members of the witness house.

2. Defence sought copies of two police reports filed by Sayedee's war crimes investigator, This application seeking copies of the police reports of Mar 17 and Mar 19, which the prosecution submitted to the tribunal.

3. Call 38 witnesses to the court

4. Some documents should be removed from the exhibits since the prosecution not complied with the law.

5. Defense sought for certain details of summons issued upon the 46 witnesses that the prosecution had said would be rather difficult to produce in court.

6. Defense sought to have four counts against Sayedee dropped. These charges were corresponding with two cases filed by Mahbubul Alam Howladar and Manik Poshari in Pirojpur. Defense submitted that since those cases have not been disposed of, so the corresponding charges should be dropped at the tribunal.

Tanvir Ahmed Al-Amin (defence counsels): My lord, Some documents had been exhibited by the Prosecution which are not according to this Act. In fact, Prosecution is not abided by the law. So these documents should be removed from the list of evidence.

Justice Nizam: In that case, this petition is also rejected since Tribunal is here to see the documents whether needed or not .

Justice Nizam: We will give the Order of seeking copies of two police report on tomorrow because it would not be a short one. And in case of calling 38 persons as court witness has been kept in record. Besides, all other applications will be rejected.

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