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26 Aug 2012: Nizami 1st witness cross exam

After the first witness in the Nizami case had given his evidence, the defense then started the cross examination, undertaken by Mizanul Islam

Defence: How many people are present at the dock?

Witness: Seems to be one.

Defence: Did you take preparation for giving deposition against him?

Witness: I have come here to give evidence after getting summons but there was no preparation.

Defence: Matiur Rahman Nizami is a familiar person of Bangladesh.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Is Islami Satra Sangho a familiar organization?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: You were engaged in Student Union and Khelaghor which was children based institution.

Witness: Yes, for three months.

Defence: Student Union is a communist based institution.

Witness: During that time student Union was a wing of NAP where Mozaffar Ahmed has the leader of NAP and student union was the wing of that party.

Defence: When was NAP established under the leadership of Mozaffar Ahamed?

Witness: I did not know.

Defence: Did you know that present Student Union is communist based student wing?

Witness: May be.

Defence: How far away is the house where you lived in Maulavi abazar district from your village house?

Witness: It’s about three mile away.

Defence: Where it was situated?

Witness: To the north side.

Defence: In 1971 where was the post office of Maulavibazar?

Witness: One is near the city and another was of our house.

Defence: Was your father Abdur Rahman Chowdhury familiar as a Salu Mia?

Witness: Yes, he was it.

Defence: What was his occupation?

Witness: During British period he was engaged under Royal British Navy but after then did the business.

Defence: Was he a Muslim League leader?

Witness: He was a local leader under Muslim league before 1971.

Defence: Who was the principal of that school?

Witness: Kamala Rani Datto.

Defence: Now have you any exam results sheet of that school?

Witness: It may be found.

Defence: Where did you live in Narayangang when you studied at Preparatory school.

Witness: At my elder brother-in-law’s house.

Defence: Which class have you studied in there?

Wintess: Up-to classes six.

Defence: How long you have studied at Narayanganj?

Witness: I have read in class six upto half yearly examinations at Narayangong Bar Academy High School. Class one to five was primary there.

Defence: What did you do in 1965.

Witness: I returned at Maulavi bazaar.

Defence: When did you get admitted at Dhaka Central Collegiate School?

Witness: In 1969 when I was in class nine.

Defence: Where it was situated?

Witness: It was road no-2 at Dhanmondi.

Defence: Was it Govt. or not?

Witness: it was Private.

Defence: Having any structure of that school now?

Witness: The school has continued after the liberation but I did not know the recent condition. It was English Medium School but directed by the Pakistani.

Defence: Have you joined the S.S.C. in 1970?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Where was the centre of that exam?

Witness: At Dhanmondi Boys High School.

Defence: You did not attend the S.S.C. exam the next time?

Witness: No, not in country.

Defence: Which year and month the exam has begun?

Witness: I could not say in this moment.

Defence: When the result has published?

Witness: Nothing in my mind; When the exam started I left for my home. I knew that the exam will be cancelled.

Defence: Where did you stay when you studied at collegiate school?

Witness: I lived in my cousin house (Kaka’s daughter) near Mitali Road at Rayer Bazar.

Defence: During 25th March in 1971 where did you stay?

Witness: In my sister house.

Defence: Where did you stay after 25th March?

Witness: I have fled altogether with my sister and brother-in-law from there to Maulavibazar.

Defence: What did your brother- in- law do?

Witness: He was a Government service holder.

Defence: Your father has fled from Bangladesh to Pakistan during liberation war then after returning did he join under Government service.

Witness: He did not come back to Dhaka during liberation War and I did not know whether he joined or not to his service after the liberation war. I returned to Dhaka and used to live at that same house. A governess took care of me.

Defence: What did he do?

Witness: My father Basir Uddin worked at Bangladesh Secretariat as a section officer.

Defence: In Maulavi bazaar where was Basir Uddin’s house?

Witness: At center point.

Defence: How many days you have stayed Mitali road at Rayer Bazar?

Witness: It’s about two month.

Defence: You have taken the letter from Mr Mokless at Maulavi Bazar then went to UK through Dhaka.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: You had any passport before you took the letter?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you go to UK as a student?

Witness: No, it was dependent visa.

Defence: Your father went to London during 1971?

Witness: No, it was in 1972.

Defence: Have you gone UK in dependent visa for second time also?

Witness: Yes, there also have.

Defence: Where did your father live?

Witness: At Hask-bridge, Middle-sacs, in UK.

Defence: You admitted at Wales school in UK and in 1972 again from the same school completed your ‘’O’’ level.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: What medium was there?

Witness: Only English Medium.

Defence: Did you meet with any member of Islami Chatra Songho when you have studied ‘O’ level?

Witness: No.

Defence: When you have finished your ‘O’ level?

Witness: Near the end of 1973. I have been living there right up-to in 1976. During that time I have never come to Bangladesh.

Defence: Had you never come to Bangladesh before 1976?

Witness: No. I hadn’t come.

Defence: From which college you have passed ‘A’ level?

Witness: Near the end of 1975 from Buckingham College I have completed my ‘A’ level.

Defence: Did not you continue your studies after coming to Bangaldesh.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Have you completed your Bachelor Degree (B.A.)?

Witness: From Khustia college under Rajshahi University.

Defence: Masters degree?

Witness: From Jaghonnath College in 1986-87 sessions. In 1984 I have passed degree (pass course) from Khustia College as a regular student.

Defence: Where have you lived during that time?

Witness: In Dhaka and Maulavibazar simultaneously but during examination I lived in my father-in- law house.

Defence: Did you write in the form as an irregular student?

Witness: I cannot remember.

Defence: Did you run any business before 1986?

Witness: It was Export-Import business.

Defence: What did you write in Degree (pass) FORM?

Witness: Pre –A- level examination.

Defence: Did you submit your migration certificate?

Witness: There was no need or no demand of migration Certificate.

Defence: Buckingham College. Was it situated in London. 1379 high road, west London?

Witness: My campus is near Rena’s Lane, Middlesex, London.

Defence: Where was the main campus of Buckingham?

Witness: At the same address.

Defence: Did you go to Saudi Arab in 1972 and 1974.

Witness: I never gone to Saudi Arab in 1972 but in 1974 I went there with Bangladeshi passport.

Defence: You went to Saudi Arabia also in 1975.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you meet with Golam Azam there?

Witness: No, it was 1974 when I met with him.

Defence: In 1975, in which visa did you use to go to Saudi?

Witness: I went to Saudi Arab with the invitations of that country’s Bhadsha when Saudia Arabi did not recognize the Bangladesh. So there was no way to get the visa. I went there because I had a special visa.

Defence: What is the nationality of that special visa?

Witness: Bangladeshi.

Defence: In 1974 at first when did you go to Saudi Arab from London?

Witness: It was august in that year.

Defence: How many days did you live there?

Witness: It’s about 15 or 16 days.

Defence: You have never gone to Saudi Arabia except in 1974, August and March 1975.

Witness: Yes, I went there for ‘Haj’ between 1974 to 1975.

Defence: In what identity did the Hazi of Bangladesi come to complete their haj?

Witness: In the name of Bangladesh.

Defence: In which month it was started?

Witness: I can not remember what the exact month was. But it may nearly the end of 1974.

Defence: Maulana Abdur Rahman Tarka-bagis was the Govt. representative who went to Saudi Arab complete their Hazz.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: When you have joined in politics actively?

Witness: From the early age of my youth.

Defence: From which month and date the session of Islami Satra Songho is being started?

Witness: I didn’t know.

Defence: Who was the president of your area where you had lived during 1971?

Witness: I did not know.

Mizanul Islam: Who was the president of Islami Student Union of whole Pakistan?

Witness: That Time Islami Sudent Union means East Pakistan Student Union. We knew it as Jamaat-e-Talabaye-Arabiya. President of the Student Union was Matiur Rahman Nizami and secretary was the Ali Ahsan Muhammad Mujahid.

Defence: Is Matiur Rahman Nizami the Secterary of Jamaat-Talabaye-Arabiya till 16t December 1986?

Witnes: It was very much confirmed that he was the secretary till August but whether it was till December or not, I do not know.

Mizanul Islam: Who was the Secretary of Jamaat-e-Talabaye-Arabiya in the month of January in 1971?

Witness: I do not know.

Mizanul Islam: Who was the president before Matiur Rahman Nizami?

Witness: I do not know.Then the court was adjourned.

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