Monday, November 19, 2012

2 Aug 2012: Sayedee tribunal IO cross exam order

After the day's cross examination of Sayedee's investigation officer, there then was a discussion about bringing the cross examination of the IO to an end

Defence: I.O gave statement for 8 days himself. The statement of 15 witnesses has been accepted as evidence, also there are documents of 1200 pages and the number of witnesses is 27 and four websites are exhibited. Among these 42 days we have not get 10 days in which it was examined all day. It seems to me I have not taken double time.

Justice Nizam: It is seemed to me that the time is ripe, and needs to be give order.

Defence: If time is given fixed then it will be burden upon me. I fix the time myself that I shall finish within next week and shall not take the next week

Abdur Razzak: Whether he said that he will finish within the next week then if you framed the time then it will be burden upon him. So My Lord it is better not to give order now.

Justice Nizam: We shal give an Order otherwise it will be written in newspapers that we are simply telling you but not really giving any Order. At the same time we want to start a system which will be good for the whole trial system.

Order Given by Justice Nizam (summary) 
At the end of the day while cross examination was going on we told Mr. Mizanul islam to complete the crossexamination by today. We find that Cross examination was not complete yet. I.O is in dock for more than 40 days. Sometimes we found that he is too tired, we also found Mr. Islam is tired. The proceeding of cross examination is going on smoothly. Things are being done quietly. For ends of justice nobody will be prejudiced by our Order. Mr. Defence submitted that he required three working days more. He also submitted that time-limit would not be applied for this witness only since other witnesses of this case are free from this limitation. Considering all those we direct defense counsels to complete cross examination by next Wednesday. We hope that will serve the purpose of defense and the prosecution. 

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